Senior Championships – Cumulative Awards

In addition to individual club championship races, the senior section also has several cumulative awards which reward consistency across the year. The scoring system for these is explained below.

The Stag Trophy

The prestigious Stag Trophy is competed for the first Wednesday of the month from October through to April (subject to changes) and is generally won by someone who has consistently improved over that period. More specific details of scoring, tactics and times are available on the dedicated Stag Trophy pages.

Road Running Club Man & Woman of the Year

There are six events that make up this category, all of which are club championships. In each race, the first person home receives 10 points, second 9, third 8 and so on with everyone receiving at least 1 point for participating. These points are then added together to give a total. Bonus points are awarded for anyone who does at least four of the events.

The distances covered are 5K, 5 mile, 10K, 10 mile, Half Marathon & Marathon. Details of all specific races for 2013 are available here.

Cross-Country Club Man & Woman of the Year

There are eight events that make up this category, with the scoring system similar as that for the road running awards, except for the championship races where the points start at fifteen. However, due to the fact that all of the cross-countries are very team focused there are bonus points available for people who do at least five of the races. Five = 5 points, Six = 10 points, 7 = 15 points.

The events that count in this category are all five Chiltern Leagues, County Champs, Southern Champs, and National Champs. Details for 2013/14 are available here.


Overall Club Man & Woman of the Year

 These two trophies, along with the Stag are the most prestigious in the club as they show who has not only run well throughout the year, but has turned out in a wide range of events and races.

The men's award is called The Paul Dimmock Trophy is honour of our long standing, hugely popular and committed former member. Paul won the original award for the first two years it was presented in 2001 & 2002 and had two further second places. It was therefore appropriate to name the trophy after him following his tragic death in 2006. He is much missed, and there is a gallery page in his honour, as well as six club records!

All of the points gained in the road running and cross-country awards count towards the total. Additionally, bonus points are scored for taking part in 5 Stag races or more with five = 5 points, six = 10 points and seven = 15 points.  The track 5000m (men) and 3000m (women) championships count with the standard scoring system of ten for first etc. Finally, the Boxing day handicap also counts in the total on the same basis, but the points are awarded after the handicap is taken into consideration.

There are therefore 23 races that go towards this award, which should keep most people pretty busy for the upcoming year!

Here is a Roll of Honour of the previous winners