London Marathon Preview

This weekend sees the 30th running of the London Marathon, now sponsored by Virgin. This year we have eight club members taking part, although it does seem that (almost) all of them are somewhat underprepared for beating the streets of London for 26.2 miles on Sunday! Or at least that's what they all keep saying!

Whatever their individual issues, it is our job to wish them all well as they prepare to line up in Blackheath for the 9.45 kick off. Each year the London marathon develop a new "tracking" system for the runners so that you can see how they are getting on as they go over each timing mat every 5K. Here are the instructions for this years effort supported by Adidas.

So here is a run down of who is braving the course this year;

Stuart Blofeld – The one who HAS done the training, in fact this will be a short run for our ultra athlete. A twelve hour race a few weeks ago and an even longer one coming up gives Stuart loads of stamina. He is also winning the Stag and doing PB's every month so he also seems to have the speed. The only thing against him is a lack of experience over THIS distance, particularly in the big races. 

Ruth Conquest – Ruth joined the club with express desire to complete the London Marathon this year. It is safe to say that her training has not gone to plan, but she has come a very long way since she started running and so we wish her all the best in her quest to complete the course. 

Joby Hobbs – Joby was flying last summer, got injured, but still did a 3.08 marathon a few weeks later. Has only just recovered from that injury, but hasn't run more than 13 since September! Slightly worried look on his face at the moment!

Joe Hurley – An old hand at marathon running, with over twenty under his belt. Injury and work have prevented him from doing the training he'd like, but it's not the first time that's been the case so he knows how to get through and make it to the pub afterwards in good time.

Simon Lathwell – Most won't know Simon as he lives in Dorset, but as a former club captain who still always runs in his LBAC vest, we always look for him on the course. He is very consistent and his 3.10 time from last year will be a good guideline one suspects.

Tom May – Club Captain and serial marathon runner. Has just recovered from injury in time to run. Nowhere near his best form of 2.51, but with a favourable wind and not too many beers this week, may be under 3.20!

Gary Stratford – Gary has put in a fair few miles but a delayed start to his training means he's not quite in the form of previous years. Becoming an expert at this now though, and is fairly confident of 3.15!

Fred Watt – Our most senior runner this year, who has covered the distance on many occasions. He feels he's not done the training, but safely negotiated the Oakley twenty a few weeks ago so shouldn't be too far off the other chaps.

There are a number of people going down to watch the race from various viewpoints before heading off to the pub in London for a post race beverage. It is a great day out (especially if the weather is good) and thoroughly recommended by all. The runners will appreciate any support and you might even get inspired yourself. Pete Watkins, Simon Coombes, Amelia Wallace and all the Inchley's will be there if you want some company or suggestions.