Leighton 10K

by Lorraine Holloway-McLean
My first race of the year and I’d agreed to run it with my friend Gill, who had only recently come back to running. A beautiful Sunday morning, bright and early at Vandyke where the friendly bunch of Fun Runners were very well organised in registration, giving out race t-shirts (so I didn’t have to run after all to get one?!) and laying out tons of fabulous cakes.

The weather was mild although cool to start with and felt like perfect conditions for us. The atmosphere was jovial and although there were only very few of LBAC runners there, there was good banter all round. I was even allowed / encouraged to photobomb the LFR team photo!

The route was great, around Leighton and the area, mostly safe roads, with of course the obligatory Shenley Hill nearing the end, as well as a few other undulations chucked in, with good marshalling especially on road crossings. It was also good to see the route published online so we knew what we’d let ourselves in for. I was carrying an injury sustained a few days beforehand, but didn’t think it would be too bad as I wasn’t running this race for me as such, but to get Gill round in her first real race. As it was, my Achilles proved to be very sore but we made it round to a fantastic cheer and announcement from Tam on the megaphone as we did it in 1 hour and 4 mins, a fantastic PB for Gill who has added a few of her words here:

“Having only started running again last summer I was very nervous about taking part in the Leighton 10k. I didn’t need to be. It was very well organised and everyone was so very friendly. Plus I had my best friend and ‘coach’ with me every step of the way. Literally! She never left my side.

The atmosphere was amazing. Everyone knew exactly what they had to do. All the marshals were very encouraging as we ran passed them, shouting and cheering at us, as were the spectators.

It’s amazing how the adrenalin kicks in. The last 1k was my fastest, even after shenley hill!! I made it to the end in 1h and 4 mins. My best yet. Thank you LFR and Lorraine. Couldn’t have done it without you!”

LBAC were led home by Charlie Mead finishing 7th overall in 38:01, Tim Inchley just behind in 39:04. Pat Neilan finished in a fine time of 52:55.

The race was fully sold out, with runners coming from clubs all over the area, as well as further afield. It seems to suit the fast guys as well as newbies to races, and so I’ll definitely be entering again next year, as will Gill, to try to get under the golden hour! Oh, and the cakes were fabulous, with donations going to charity, and a fab technical t-shirt – well worth the entry fee. We need to get a few more LBAC seen at this one next year – especially as it’s on our doorstep!