Female Domination!!

The fifth Stag trophy race of the season saw a swathe of women come home at the front of the field with just one man able to get into the top six on a damp February evening.

The overall numbers were a little down this month, with just 19 people battling for the win worth 25 points in the quest for overall Stag victory, but for those who did make it along there were some good points on offer as a result.

The finish was a close run thing with Suzy Beech just taking the lead from Abi May as she came into the park at the end. With Suzy going clear there was then a rush as Dan Webb, Abi, Jenny Rawdon and Jo Sharples all came home within five seconds of other and Amy Killick completing the top six a few seconds back.

Suzy. Abi and Jenny all achieved PB’s for their efforts while Dan and Jo both ran season’s best times. After a slight blip last month (17:24) Amy Killick returned to her usual time of 17:13, having now recorded it four times this year!

Amy’s consistency is currently rewarding her as she now heads overall standings with 91 points, five clear of Stuart Dimmock. It is now though that it starts to get interesting; with just two races left there is now a column in the results showing the maximum scores possible for all the runners.

The table shows that technically there are 16 people who could still win the title and based on maximum possible scores, the leaders are Nikki Inchley, Amy Killick and Amy Inchley but Amy I. cannot afford a bad run as she has already missed two races.

Race number six is on Wednesday 1st March when it will hopefully be a bit warmer and everyone will be running that bit faster!

All of the latest results can be found, surprisingly enough, on the latest results pages.