Sportshall Biggleswade Trophy

Sportshall Biggleswade Trophy
Sunday 18th March 2018

Massive well done today to the 11 intrepid Leighton Buzzard AC Athletes who turned out in the Snow at Sandy to try to win back the Trophy:

Paige, Lacey and Bonnie Woodcock Weber, Katie Killick, Isabelle Thackray, Harriet Butlin and Thaila Mason

Ash Carter, Thomas and Daniel Longstaffe, Alexander Irwin and Charlie Sabbatini

They fought hard!
Paige deftly rolled us off to a great start on the obstacle race which is always great fun and gets everyone well and truly warmed up.

Never before have I seen Harriet run so fast. She was running so fast her legs (having never known her head to give it that much before) got left behind as she flew to the floor still holding onto the relay baton!

Thaila and Charlie both dug deep and persevered, drawing on their numerous Tuesday night co-ordination nightmares to pull out the stops when we needed it in the Triple Jump.
Lacey aced this one by the way equalising us with Biggleswade

Alexander was chuffed to find out that he himself didn’t have to be high to get a high score in Sportshall high jump as the jump is measured relative to height. (And he was even more pleased I think to find that he wasn’t the shortest competitor either).

Daniel, or was it Thomas, no I’m pretty sure it was Daniel, marched off happily on his lonesome to give us a strong start to the shot putt while our Javelin contenders battled to beat what appeared to be (but weren’t I assure you) a higher age group of ‘Boys from Biggleswade’.
We didn’t throw it further than their best; but as a team our boys at least drew in this event with Thomas’ consistency.

In the 2nd round of the four by 1 lap we put a team of girls out with first up a brand new 7 year old baby sis’ against 3, yes THREE boys teams, one of which was the aforesaid larger Biggleswade Boys team. This little blonde bombshell didn’t lose a metre on any of them! She shot off the whistle and blasted off the turning boards like she was born running!
Take a bow Bonnie.
Can’t wait to see you at training when you’re old enough.

I missed the speed bounce but I’m sure after watching that video you were all super speedy. Do tell me on Tuesday how you got on Isabelle as I believe you had a good score here.

Katie and Ash were two of 4 who stepped up to run their hearts out at the end TWICE in the final relay ‘club against club’

This was SO Close!
Our speed was good guys. In fact it was in parts much faster than the opposition but …

Relay baton changeover practice starts on Tuesday!

Well done everyone! You all deserve the Freddos that will be handed out this week 🙂

P.S. We lost
But we’ll win it back next year when we have a trophy cabinet to put it in