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Five Still Standing

The penultimate Stag of the season, as it always does, saw lots of people eliminated from the championship in terms of being potential winners. Prior to the March race there were 16 club members who technically had a chance. Now, with just April’s race to go there are only five who have the possibility of winning. This is actually more than normal, due to the much higher attendance this year and so will undoubtedly make for a competitive final race.

On the night, the first finisher was Mark Adkins who finished nearly 30 seconds ahead of brother-in-law Stuart Read who was at the front of a group of five that came in in five seconds with Tom Inchley, Sam Dear, Lisa Bowyer and Dominic Grimshaw making up the rest and all scoring points in the 20’s. read more

A Little Club History

The club has been in the Chiltern League since the 1980’s. In that time we have had some fantastic runners and excellent performances. We have spent much of that time in division two, with occasional (usually one season) forays into division one. In the early years we had a small but strong junior section, but low numbers in senior ranks with very few women indeed.

After a significant slump in the mid 00’s when we finished mid-table in division two, the last time we got promoted was the 2009/10 season. In our first season back in division one we had the grand ambition of trying to avoid relegation by keeping out of the bottom two of the fourteen teams and we were delighted to end up in our highest ever position of 9th. The club managed to repeat this in the two following years and then dropped down one place in 2013/14 when St Alban’s joined the league. read more

From Watford to London

By Elliot Hind I’ve entered the ballot for the London marathon for the past few years and been unsuccessful; it is something I’ve really wanted for longer than I can remember.

I’ve only run one marathon (Brighton 2014 in 3.28) and had made it my 2015 goal to qualify for London on a ‘Good For Age’ time of under 3.05.  I entered the MK Marathon and the Kent Roadrunner marathon and was feeling confident that with training I could get under that time.  Unfortunately, disaster struck in December 2014 as a tackle on the football pitch destroyed my ankle ligaments and put an end to my marathon dream; I was crushed.  I was at a real low for a long time and in all honesty I wasn’t nice to be around. read more

Stag Trophy Heating Up

Five races into the Stag trophy season and we are starting to see some moves around the top of the leaderboard. There are two races left and each individual’s five best scores are taken into account so from next month potential contenders will be dropping their lowest scores. What this means is that there can be big shifts in the table with one good performance.

As it stands after the February Stag, technically there are still 21 people who could win it, although there are five slightly more clear favourites. read more

January Sunshine

I may be about to put a curse on it, but considering the Southern Cross-country championships are always at the end of January it’s amazing how often it’s a glorious day! In the middle of whole load of wet and windy weather there was a break again this year and last Saturday saw wintery sunshine spread over the Heath in Hampstead for much of the day.

This was a great relief to the thousands of runners and spectators who make an annual pilgrimage to this home of cross-country running for either the Southern champs (2 out of 3 years) or the national champs (1 out of 3). It isn’t the hilliest, longest or muddiest cross-country ever, but it is one of the longest and one of the muddiest on a pretty hilly course. In the world of cross-country that Leighton Buzzard lives in, it really doesn’t get any tougher. read more

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