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Bupa London 10,000

By Gail Duckworth

For the first time ever, Leighton Buzzard Athletic Club were part of a major 10K event.

With the club continuing its positive progression due to more members and improving standards, LBAC were able to enter both men’s and women’s teams in the Southern Road Relay Championships this year and therefore qualified for club entries to the BUPA London 10,000 organised by the London Marathon.

One of the UK’s premier events has an iconic start in the Mall in front of Buckingham Palace and then weaves through closed London roads passing sights such as Nelson’s Column and St Pauls Cathedral. The support through London is fantastic with thousands of people lining the whole route and cheering some 12000 runners of all standards. read more

Suffering from Rounders

By Adam Haylock

It might have been a Friday night, but before we could indulge in the usual frolics whether that’s beers, vino, takeaways or a posh meal out we had some business to attend too! This year’s 5 mile club championship took place in the pleasant Northamptonshire village of Blisworth. Fifteen Buzzards decided to end the week with this race. I’m not sure how I would describe a 5 miler, longer than a parkrun although shorter than a 10k, either way it’s fast and it hurts. This was to be my 3rd race at Blisworth, last year with LBAC and 14 years ago when I took part alongside my sister who at the time was a Wootton Road runner. read more

Round MK Relay

We were lucky on Sunday. The weather so far in May has been pretty lousy but Sunday actually saw a dry day with some sunshine fighting it’s way through to keep the runners in suitable conditions throughout, although those battling their way through the nettles on leg 3 may not entirely agree with that!

There were six LBAC teams utilising the redways and footpaths of MK plus a team of colleagues who work with Andy, Adam & Sam at AVDC. We also had to make a couple of late replacements with friends from Redway Runners and MKAC, but it’s the sort of event where that’s half expected anyway. read more

Venturing into Oxfordshire

Last year James Bell decided to head over to the tiny village of Cottisford on the Oxon/Bucks border for a Tuesday evening 5K. This is an event that used to be called the Charndon 5K and was part of a series called the Fox 4. However, the series has long since stopped and apart from the occasional visit by Gail we hadn’t done the race in any numbers for a long time.

However, with James returning from the event in 2014 with a well-earned PB, he nagged on facebook for a few people to join him this year. Six members answered the call, and although Chris Norman was struck down, there were still five others out to keep James company. read more

MK Marathon & Half

My first ever Half!!! 

by Lisa Bowyer

I ran the MK 10k in March in 54 minutes and needed a new challenge, I wanted to up my distance. I had always wanted to run a half marathon but didn’t know if I could actually do it. So I signed up to the MK Half on the 4th May and thought let’s start training! Why did I pick this run, because it finishes in the MK stadium of course, that’s the only reason and a good enough reason!!!!

My training was very hit and miss due to work commitments but I felt I had done just enough to get me through it but wasn’t sure if I had done enough to actually get a good time. For me, a good first time that I was aiming for was around the 2 hours or just under. read more

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