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10 Reasons to Leighton 10

10 Reasons to Leighton 10

  • Shenley Hill! At the time you may not love it, but cruising over the crest you know you have 1 mile of downhill to the finish before you can say, “I conquered Shenley Hill!”
  • Stepping Stones to greater things! 10 miles is the perfect distance before making the step up to a half marathon. You can even use it as part of your training!
  • Free training top! All runners will receive a technical running T-shirt
  • 10 miles! There aren’t many 10 mile races around anymore, here’s your chance to tackle the distance!
  • Runners of tomorrow! Profits from the race go straight into our Juniors section providing coaching expertise and equipment to set them on their way. You could be helping the next Laura Muir or Mo Farah!
  • Scenery! The view from Great Brickhill is spectacular. Add in running through woods and the heart of the Beds and Bucks countryside and you have a winner!
  • Be Smug! The feeling of finishing. You can’t beat it. Shout it loud and wear the shirt with pride
  • Bargain price! £17 for an hour and a bit of entertainment. Cheap as chips.
  • Run Happy! Running is one of the most inclusive sports around. You will be cheered on like a hero around the course. Soak it up!
  • Magnificent Marshals! All the marshals on the course are briefed to keep you as safe as possible, especially at those tricky road crossings. Experience the famous Marshal Train.
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    London Marathon Preview

    With just nine days until the most high profile race in the country takes place around the streets of our capital I thought I would take a moment to look at the possibilities around the eight protagonists from LBAC.

    Adam Haylock – The major concern that Adam has, is arriving too early for the race. If he is there more than half an hour before the start it is likely that he’ll peak before the gun goes through lack of expensive coffee. This will be Mr Haylock’s second marathon. He doesn’t like to talk about the first one, but if you want the details they inexplicably appeared on the Power of 10 site recently! He is hoping to just duck under that time, by a couple of hours! Much of his training has revolved around studying the location of every Starbucks on the course just to make sure he has enough energy to get the pub afterwards. read more