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Quagmire at Wigmore

And the award for the muddiest Cross Country conditions so far this season go to…. Wigmore in Luton!

With Aylesbury parkrun called off completely that very morning, we should have known better than to expect anything else than a run around a quagmire in the afternoon. As the majority of the seniors arrived midway through the juniors, it was immediately apparent that the area around the tent village was already “spike ready” so the course was probably far worse!

With the older folk standing around, moaning and wondering why we keep turning up to these things, the juniors were already out showing us how it was done and braving the conditions on the course and making it that little bit more muddy for all those to follow. read more

Big Efforts Near Biggleswade

Big efforts near Biggleswade – Beds/Bucks County XC

by Colin Postawa

So last Saturday I embarked on a short trip to Shuttleworth for my second ever XC race, and no more “just testing this out” excuses so a top three was definitely on the cards this time. This was the joint Cross Country County race for Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Having only been a club member since October, the first thing myself and fellow club newbie Amy F noticed was just how many LBAC members seem to turn out for these events. If not running, then vocally supporting other members or taking pictures. The XC scene also seems a lot more welcoming than your average 10k event, maybe the format helps with families being able to race in their respective category’s after cheering on their little ones….or maybe it is something else altogether. read more

The Wild and Windy West of the Chiltern League – Culham

Saturday’s Chiltern League fixture took the club out to the wilds of Oxfordshire on the banks of the River Thames. Culham Park was the venue for a breezy Cross Country with some more excellent performances from all those who ran.

The course was mostly firm underfoot apart from the hilly section across the motocross track, but the wind added an extra obstacle as the long drag out half way along each lap was almost directly into the strong gusts making you feel like you were running in treacle, unless you were lucky enough to be able to shelter behind one of the larger runners! read more

Representing England in Dublin

The 28th British and Irish Masters Cross Country International Championships

Santry Demesne, Dublin

by Gail Duckworth

On Saturday I was representing England in the annual Home international for the 10th time! I can’t quite believe that my first English vest was in 2002 in the W45-49 in Cardiff. The event moves from country to country each and this year was The Republic of Ireland turn to host it. So, 13 years later and in the W60-64 I competed in Dublin.

The format is the same each year with all women running together W35+ with the Men 65+ over 6K. In our race each country can select 4 runners’ with 3 to score. England usually has more depth and reserves are named some of whom travel and then run in the Open race. The men have two other highly competitive races M50-64 and M35-49 both over 8K and the Open follows these. read more

No Tears But A Few Drops

Saturday started out wet and windy when our dedicated team of volunteers led by Richard arrived at the course to continue the set-up that had begun on Friday. Waterproofs had been donned by most people as the rain was not due to cease until mid-afternoon and there was a lot of work to be done to make another successful event.

Now Richard works very hard on the fixture and as we all know has added in the additional stress of the cross-challenge for the last two years, just for the extra difficulty, but he loves it really. He definitely couldn’t do it without all the help from other people both within our club and outside though. There are too many to mention everyone here, but from everyone who was able to run instead of having to man a car park or marshalling point, thank you very much to those who gave up their day to do exactly that. You may not feel appreciated as we run past scowling, but you are. read more

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