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Great North Run 2014

This was a race that I have wanted to run long before I was a runner. I remember watching this as a child, always tuning in for the television coverage and vowing to take part. This must be one of 100 races to do before you die……


I got a place via the charity Headway and I am grateful to them for enabling me to take past in this epic event.


The first challenges were booking hotels and transport, most of the hotels are booked at least a year in advance and the first hotel I booked went into administration! The train tickets were £400 return and I didn’t fancy the really long drive, so I took a chance and booked National Express coach tickets and got a return ticket for £20. read more

Bedford 10K

By Elliot Hind


After the Brighton Marathon in April I promised myself that this was the year I beat all my personal bests. I’ve cut back on my weekly mileage and really concentrated on speed work and tried to run as many Parkruns as possible. 


I’ve had some brilliant recent results breaking my parkrun PB in Portsmouth in 17.24 (previous best of 17.29 in May 2009) and then my 5k road PB in Hyde Park (17.15) two days before the start of the Tour of MK.  I was delighted with my week at the Tour finishing in 4th place just behind Jordan who had a quite stunning run in Campbell Park to push me out of 3rd place.  read more

Almost There

By Adam Haylock

The week is flying and it's the penultimate race of the tour already.  This time we headed over to a familiar Chiltern League location at Campbell Park.  There was still a buzz at the start but a definite feeling of lethargy. Everyone seemed organised today and were kitted up ready to go, I decided to have a warm up run to stretch the legs and managed a high five with Elliot who was warming up in opposite direction.  Tim was sporting an original Blue LBAC vest and was poised to protect his MV40 position.  Richard gave us some tips on the course so we knew that we had 0.9 miles from the point he was marshaling.  Time to head over to the start, line up and get in position however there was still time to discuss tactics, compression socks and last night’s bake off. read more

Tonight was a Killer!

By Adam Haylock

When I first looked at the race schedule for the tour I was most excited by the opportunity to run a mile on the track and least excited by tonight’s hill race.  I arrived a bit late as I wasn’t too sure where I was heading, but luckily I bumped into Tim who was also driving in the wrong direction. We turned around and soon found Brickhill Woods and parked up on the verge.  It is a nice woodland area and there was definitely a crisp although warm feeling to the evening. read more

MK Tour – Day 3: Rest Day!

by Sam Dear

Adam's blog appears to have only lasted 2 days of the 6 as he has asked me to fill in for him for today's. He just doesn't have the stamina!

Day 3 of the tour. My legs were already a little tight after Sunday's 11k in Tattenhoe and of course the 5 mile cross country yesterday did them no good, especially going over on my ankle a little in one of the ploughed fields, so I was a little apprehensive about the mile run at Stantonbury. It was my first run around a track since school and my first run ever on a proper athletics track as well as my first ever mile race. With that in mind I had no idea what to expect…except I knew it would be tough. read more

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