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Biggleswade Trophy

Cover your eardrums !!!  It’s a louder than ever report for a louder than ever Sportshall Event.

20 something Leighton Buzzard Under 11 and Under 13 Athletes turned out at Biggleswade on Sunday with the mission of relieving Bedford of the Sportshall Challenge Trophy and bringing it back to Leighton Buzzard for the first time in 15 years (ever):

Mission Accomplished!

What a team!

We got off to an excellent start with a win in the obstacle relay by our Under 13 girls Tianne Gaye-Clark, Dana Carter, McKenna Keefe and Amy Killick and followed that with another Under 11 win from Georgia Lorraine, Niquole Carter, Sophie Hawes and Inkie Parkinson. Confidence grew as our Under 11 Boys went on to win several relay events with a dynamite debut performance from Evan Hirst-Mitchell. Scott Towell and Ewan Bell ensured a win for our Boys in the Under 13 and Under 11 Age Group respectively in Javelin; Daniel Boulder and Joshua-Walker Croft had no idea that their Tuesday night standing long jump practice would lead to a team trophy but it did. read more

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