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Lanzarote 2009

This year an elite squad of fifteen people made up of club members, families and friends of the club made the trip to the Canary Islands for a warm weather autumn holiday with a few races thrown in for good measure. The group included ten runners, of which two were friends from Ampthill and Flitwick Flyers and each one entered the four race series which took place over four days. The time between races was spent doing anything from badminton to bolas and cycling to wind surfing for the more active. Crazy golf, ice-creams and the odd beer also proved to be popular activities amongst most people at various points of the week. The weather was the best ever for having a holiday - if a little warm for running - with blue skies and a gentle breeze on most days.

The serious competition of the week started on Sunday with Fiona and Jill taking the annual egg throwing competition on the beach day, with a magnificent effort of 16.5m. Their team name of Strictly Don't Dance With Us was inspired by the previous evening's Cha-Cha-Cha and Jiving. This championship taken by the girls, was followed up by the bolas tournament where Mr & Mrs Inchley senior fought of stiff competition from tall blonde Danish girls and a small Irish contingent to win the final for another year. It just shows what experience can do when the pressure is really on!

Some people took up Ballroom dancing (Badly) and some don't really remember utilising the podiums in the disco! There were cycling trips around the island, a wine drinking trip to an old bodega, badminton tournaments, tennis matches and even a few miles swum. A wonderful time was had by all and most were already talking about next year before the week was out!

There was also some running........


Lanzarote 2003

New Experiences Fourteen Years On
Or, Does Anyone Speak Welsh?

We walked around the crazy golf course at Club La Santa half a dozen times this year, and not once did we see Dave Webb. This however, was only one of a whole bundle of new things that happened to the Lanzarote team of 2003.

Every year there are murmurings of various people not going for one reason or another, exams, birthdays, finances, bad backs you name it. Yet despite all this, we had over twenty LBAC associates back to put themselves through the rigours of the International Challenge, whether they were running, watching or just having to hear about every tortuous stride.


Lanzarote 2004

Rob leads the team success

Leighton Buzzard Athletic club has always prided itself on turning all athletics into a social event. The Wednesday training runs always lead to a couple of drinks in the pub. A race that is any distance away means a meal on the way home and a four race series in Lanzarote means a winter holiday in the sunshine.


Lanzarote 2005

A much reduced but rather jolly LBAC crew winged it's way to Lanzarote for the 2005 Challenge (well, for the sun loungers, la santa sandwiches and general frivolity, mostly...).  For some the excitement started well before usual with our esteemed club captain, Tom Foobar May, managing to continue extending his lead in the tactical error trophy stakes by failing to wake up for the taxi to the airport, despite having his bedroom window crashed on and most of the club calling his phones. 
lanzarote from the plane

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