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All Girls Together for the Chicks Chase

by April Meadows
Wednesday 20th April 2016

As Wednesday evening dawned the nerves began to kick in as I prepared to meet my fellow runners (Kate, Susan, Kathleen and Modupe) for my first ever Chicks Chase race.

Pre race nerves are a constant companion at present but after 7 weeks of beginner’s sessions with Kate and solo runs my confidence has grown beyond belief.

As a newbie you are told constantly of the solidarity and sportsmanship between runners new and old, you take this as the cynical newbie who doesn’t dare dream of running 5km comfortably with the proverbial pinch of salt. How wrong I was…. read more

MK Festival of Running

From 5k to 20miles, we had at least one runner in every distance, all with different targets and goals in mind. Here is an insight into the day through the minds of Dominic, Stuart, Lynn and Mark.


by Dominic Grimshaw

On Sunday morning I had to wake up really early and I couldn’t watch videos on my phone or TV.  The reason was we had to go to Milton Keynes as there was the MK Festival of Running.  My mum was running the half marathon so she put my name down for the 5k and I thought it was a good idea. read more

Wins, but not Slow

Winslow 10k

by Sam Dear

At the start of 2016, my 10k PB time was at a pace slower per mile than my half marathon PB, so something had to be done. Having not run one since August 2014 I entered three 10k races in early 2016, determined to get under that magic 40 minute mark, with the Winslow 10k being the first.

I arrived in Winslow with Jo and her sister Kathryn who were also running and quickly bumped into Kate and Andrew before walking to the start and finding Adam (with kids in tow), Susan and spotting David Marham across the Sports Hall. read more

Bucks 10,000m Champs

By Elliot Hind

After what seemed like an eternity out injured with a nasty ankle ligament tear (forcing my football retirement) I spent the summer targeting my 5k time.  Specifically working hard on leg speed and weight loss I made real progress; going from 19.04 on the flat Aylesbury parkrun on 23 May to breaking 17 minutes four times at the end of summer (fastest 16.37 at Leicester Braunstone parkrun on 5 September).

I had a really good week at the Tour of MK finishing 4th and was feeling good.  I wanted to have one final running aim before getting married on 26 September and spotted the Bucks 10k track championships in Aylesbury on 23 September.  I changed my training slightly to do slightly longer reps and felt about as ready as I could be. read more

Buckingham 10k

by Andrew Hallworth

A slightly chilly Sunday morning greeted us on the 18th October as Kate Johnson and I headed over to collect Kate’s mum and then head off to Buckingham for race day.  It had been over 6 months since I put on the purple and gold vest in anger (MK festival of running 10k in March being the last race I entered) and outside of the negative thoughts I was actually looking forward to the race which is highly unusual for me.

I had been convinced to enter this race with the information that it was a “fairly flat” course with nice views in an around Stowe House and was a little surprised at the registration to hear someone describing the route as “pretty hilly” and “not that easy”.  Those good feelings quickly started to fade but I was in now and the race number was attached.  Getting close to the start time it was good to see some familiar faces arrive in purple and gold as I didn’t have a clue who else from LBAC had entered the race, Amy Inchley, Tim Inchley, Lynn Boddy, Katie & Adam Haylock, Charlie Mead and Sarah Lyon from Kate’s improvers group were all there for a strong club turnout. read more

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