Awaiting the Handicap Results

The annual Christmas handicap once again took place on Easter Monday in drizzly conditions with lots of standing water over the 5.6 mile route.

The traditional course, that has been used since the days before the bypass was built is generally flat but with a nasty hill up through Billington around 4 miles.

The race is a “blind handicap” which effectively means that everyone is given a predicted time before the start, but no-one knows what it is so the race is run as a normal race. However, the winner is the person who beats their predicted time by the largest amount. read more

28 Years in the Making

By Andy Inchley

In 1989, before the Leighton bypass was built and when I was just a scrawny 13 year old, dad dragged me out of bed on Boxing day to go and do the Christmas handicap. The 5.6 mile race may well have been the furthest I’d ever run at that time and the handicapper (probably Geoff Roe) had me down to run 39 minutes. I actually ran 37:22 which earned me fourth place on the day, with Pat Neilan taking the title. There were 26 club members taking part that day and that is just about the closest I have come to winning the elusive Langmay trophy in a further 20 attempts. That is until this year!! read more

Katie isn’t so bad afterall

There were a few messages flowing around the club facebook page on Monday morning while storm Katie was at her strongest, with a vague suggestion that maybe, possibly should the “Christmas” handicap event be postponed. Eventually it was decided that we’d all turn up and make a decision from there.

The Christmas Handicap used to take place on Boxing Day but after a few years of declining numbers we moved the event to Easter Monday three or four years ago and the turn-out has been much better. The trophy however, still bears the Christmas name. read more

Has Spring Sprung?

There were daffodils aplenty on the traditional Boxing day route for the final club championship race of the year on Easter Monday and a reasonable turn-out of sixteen lithe individuals were on the start line wondering what Dave had predicted their time would be for the 5.7(ish) miles.

This event has been run on this route since before the bypass was constructed, which may answer the question as to why we go that way. Although the start and finish lines have been moved around a little it is basically the same course as it’s always been so times are roughly comparable year to year. read more

The Langmay Trophy

On Easter Monday, sixteen club members took on the challenge for the Langmay Trophy which is traditionally awarded on Boxing Day, but due to the icy conditions, was delayed a few months. It is a "blind handicap" which means that everyone is given a predicted time by our tame handicapper, Dave Adams, but no-one knows what their time is. Everyone then runs a flat race, but the results are in order of who beats their predicted time by the largest margin.

With sixteen participants, this was the largest group for some years (8 turned up on Boxing Day) and made for a very interesting competition over a course that starts and finishes at LTFC, goes out on Stanbridge Road, over the bypass to Billington and back again, including a very nasty hill in Billington village. read more

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