It’s Good But It’s Not Quite Right

By Andy Inchley

So I haven’t done a half marathon all year, I can’t run the winter half due to an inconsiderate wedding and Bedford is the day after the December Chiltern League so when a friend from MKAC mentioned he was going to Leicester to try and get a London marathon qualifying time I thought I’d tag along, play chauffeur and at least get a time to my name this year.

The weather forecast was just about perfect and we arrived at a chilly but dry Victoria Park with an hour or so before the start. It all looked pretty efficient and bigger than I expected so had no problems collecting my number and doing all the usual pre-race gubbins before joining a few thousand others on the start line. read more

From Hyde Park to the Herts 10k

Royal Parks 1/2M

by Jo Sharples

After trying for a few years to gain a ballot place at the Royal Parks half marathon, 2015 was the year. Excited was an understatement. I even sacrificed the first Chiltern League XC to race (Sorry Andy). Having had a less than an optimal week leading to the race I wasn’t really feeling confident, were my fatigued legs and wheezy lungs going to hold up the 13.1 miles?

So here went nothing. The route was nothing less than spectacular, and the race organisation flawless. The run itself was probably my most challenging, with highs of running down the Mall, pretending I was Paula Radcliffe, and lows such as running mile 7 alongside spongebob square pants, (I wasn’t going to let a sponge beat me!), and the painful calf cramping from mile 10 onward. read more

Let’s Call it a VERY Long Cross Country

Henley Half Marathon

by David Killick

So I am not up with the running terminology so in my mind, trail running is between nice tarmac and mudswamp cross country.  The course at Henley meanders its way from the park at Henley, with the rowers being shouted at by rather large blokes on bikes with megaphones to a place called Hurley where you turn (more about that later) to head back towards Henley where you turn again and then back to the park and finish.  Tarmac, grass, paths, gravel, mud, undulating hills etc etc. read more

Windsor Half

by Gareth Bird

Earlier this year Radio 2’s Chris Evans told his listeners he’d entered the Windsor Half Marathon, so I decided to enter on the spur of the moment. It would have been a good idea for me to check what time the event commenced as the 1pm start meant the risk of it being hot, and it was!

Race instructions were all on the website with just the race number arriving by post. Despite the 4,000 runners the traffic was fine via A-roads and parking was very close to the start in Windsor Great Park.  There were a few traders on site and a good atmosphere with music blasting out. The whole run was on surface roadways, allegedly slightly undulating, but in the words of Chris Evans in his post event interview, ‘that is not undulating, they are hills’! The start/finish is on one of the vistas with a great view of Windsor Castle, the course runs the perimeter of the Park, with no traffic and wide paths so overtaking is easy, just as is being over taken! read more

MK Marathon & Half

My first ever Half!!! 

by Lisa Bowyer

I ran the MK 10k in March in 54 minutes and needed a new challenge, I wanted to up my distance. I had always wanted to run a half marathon but didn’t know if I could actually do it. So I signed up to the MK Half on the 4th May and thought let’s start training! Why did I pick this run, because it finishes in the MK stadium of course, that’s the only reason and a good enough reason!!!!

My training was very hit and miss due to work commitments but I felt I had done just enough to get me through it but wasn’t sure if I had done enough to actually get a good time. For me, a good first time that I was aiming for was around the 2 hours or just under. read more

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