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Furness in the Brighton Furnace

Brighton Marathon – 9th April 2017

by Michael Furness

The Brighton Marathon was going to be my first marathon for five years, having previously done London and Milton Keynes.  My PB stood at 3:34, which was achieved at the 2012 MK marathon; remembered by all who attended as being the wettest and coldest April Sunday ever experienced.

Training had gone well during the weeks and months leading up to the race so I was reasonably confident I could get another PB and break the 3:30 barrier and possibly even 3:20 if everything went was well as it could do. read more

Marathon PB in Abingdon, although still a lot to learn!

2016 has been really special for me.  I’ve worked really hard and run personal bests at every distance that I’ve run.  I ran my second marathon in Manchester in April; I was pleased with 2.48, but I fell apart big time in the 2nd half and was determined to put it right with an autumn marathon.

After a bit of research (and encouragement from training partner Gary Blaber of MKAC who had already entered) I entered Abingdon at the end of October.

My training couldn’t have gone better. I gradually increased my weekly mileage and averaged 80 through the summer and early autumn.  My results got better and better winning the Bedford 10k, Tour of MK, Northampton Half Marathon and breaking the club record for 10km; I felt ready! read more

Marathon Majors

’twas a night before Christmas 2014 when a small group of Leighton Buzzard and Milton Keynes runners were out celebrating the end of a fine year of running. Young Pete Mackrell had run a new marathon PB of 2:40:29 in Cologne in September and followed that up with a fine 2:42:04 in a bitterly cold and windy New York two months later….New York marathon… of the six marathon majors….one beer led to another, and another beer (or three) led Pete to an idea….a wild idea….’what if I could run all six marathon majors in a two year period he questioned?’ ‘Don’t be silly,’ said Gary, ‘you’ll never do that!’ read more

Loch Ness Marathon

Loch Ness Marathon

by Conn Bardi

10th February 2012 – the beginning of my diagnosis with fibromyalgia
25th September 2016 – I ran my first marathon, in Loch Ness.

My journey into running took off in February 2016. I cycled a lot up to then, but it used to leave me tired – both physically and mentally. Physically because it simply did not agree with me. Mentally, because I had to deal with traffic, cars, roundabouts. With the aggression on the roads on the increase, going for a ride became a chore. So my running jaunts in my old pair of trainers became more frequent. The jog round the block grew into a commuter-run. The commuter run turned into a longer trail round my town on my rest days. In time, distances that left me sounding like a nuisance caller, were not challenging enough. My body was growing stronger, my energy levels were rising, and – unlike cycling – I was not dodging cars. The bike was left parked and a new pair of trainers took its place. I learnt about parkruns, gait analysis, and wondered why 6.2 mile races were called 10k. read more

London Marathon 2016 (part 2)

With 10 LBAC runners in the London Marathon 2016 we thought it best to have a quick report from a few different runners to get the overall and differing views from across the field. One thing we can all agree on though is the excellent performances across the board. From those new to running and the club, to PBs and Club records to those who pushed on despite the difficulties, injuries and everything the course threw at them.

And here is Chris George’s and Laura Brine’s take on it!

  read more

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