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Bedford 6

Two long standing LBAC members made the trip over to Bedford this week for the third race in the East Midlands Grand Prix Series at Priory Marina. The route is flat and on a still day is also pretty fast as it goes around the lakes on some nice leisure paths.

Richard Inchley has long advocated the series as some good fun, high quality races that take place throughout May and June and he had a reasonable run to come home as 8th V60 in 48.20. The significant appearance of the day however came from our very own Dave Adams! Dave has struggled for the last few years with a succession of injuries but has been training regularly over the last couple of months and completed his first race for a few years in a time of 55.37 for the out-loop-back course. Keep your eyes peeled for further sitings of our elusive handicapper in his running shorts! read more

Gail’s Birthday Celebration

When you get slightly “more experienced” in years you start looking for five year age brackets as it becomes a distinct advantage to being at the bottom end of that bracket when entering races. Our resident international, Gail has just done her first race as a V55 at the BMAF (British Masters Athletic Federation) Relays in Sutton Park, Birmingham, having kept her birthday very quiet!

Unfortunately LBAC doesn’t have a team of three V55’s to compete with Gail in these events, but nevertheless it is an excellent event and so Gail went off to do the first leg and have a good race. As it turned out, her time of 18.32 for the three mile loop was 90 seconds quicker than anyone else in her category and so she walked off with the Gold, fastest lap medal. Well done Gail. read more

St Albans & Roundway

On the Sunday following our presentation dinner, whilst some of us were flogging our way around numerous laps of the track at Bedford, Chris Norman trotted off to St Albans to compete to take part in their home 10K. After a few beers and a few weeks of hard training, plus an undulating course he wasn't too surprised to be just under 40 minutes in 23rd position. With the continued training efforts, that time will come down very quickly.

On Tuesday evening Joby and Jill made the long trip over to Chippenham for the Roundway Chase 10K (ish). At the start they were both told that the cross-country course was hilly, but they didn't realise how hilly until they were on hands and knees clambering up a muddy hill in rural Wiltshire. Consequently, their times of 41.36 and 52.12 respectively need to be put into context. Joby's 5th position and Jill's 4th lady are probably better ways to judge. read more

Silverstone 10K

Over the years, the Silverstone 10K has given us pouring rain, glorious sunshine, howling gales and pretty much everything in between. The course is flat and pretty fast, but if there is a breeze at all the exposed nature of the citcuit means it can be very windy. However, those that made the trip to rural Northamptonshire on the first Tuesday in May this year, found perfect running conditions, with practically no wind and a temperature of about eleven degrees. It is the first race of the East Midlands Grand Prix Series, which are nearly every week between now and the end of June. read more

Mark Completes 31st Ironman

Long before Stuart Blofeld came on the scene with his crazy ultra running antics, LBAC had a member who was just as foolish when it came to entering ridiculous events. Having run a marathon as fast as he believed he was capable, many years ago Mark Kleanthous took up triathlons in the search for a new challenge! He has done double and triple Ironman races but until last month had never done any one of his previous thirty in forty degrees of heat. The link below is to an article written by his long suffering wife Clare, about the crazy event that is the Chinese Ironman. read more

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