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All For A Tattoo

Ironman Copenhagen 2017

by Fiona Towell

All for a Tattoo

Ironman Copenhagen was my first (and last I hasten to add) Ironman.

10+ years ago when I joined the club I heard about Ironman from Joe Hurley and Tom May, the only two at the time that ‘did them.’

I remember vividly thinking ‘Really? – you swim for two and a half miles, cycle 112 and then run a WHOLE marathon? Why would anyone want to do that? What on earth is the point? And even if it IS physically possible it can’t be good for you, surely?’ read more

Chiltern Challenge – 50km of Fun

Chiltern Challenge

by Alex Killick

Many people have said to me that they couldn’t do it and early last year I would have agreed with them. I mean I could hardly run 5K at the beginning of 2016 let alone 50K. Mr K did his first 50K towards the end of last year and that got me thinking. I like the idea of smaller more relaxed events and so when I found out about the Chiltern Challenge I thought maybe I would give it a go, then it appeared on the list for the club off-road series and I knew I had to do it!

So training wise I had no plan – I just started running more, going out for hours and getting lost, stressing about everything and anything and taking too many photo stops. read more

Anything for a club record!

By David Killick

Four weeks ago I didn’t even have this in my plan, and thought anyone who ran over marathon distance was a complete lunatic.  My season had been anything from 100m to Marathon, plus some throwing events chucked in there for good measure (Usain Bolt and Mo Farah could learn something from this I am sure).

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed London marathon but being injured going into it and after it, the stress of the whole event (getting in, expo, getting there, time to beat pressure) was quite a lot. I love the lower key but tougher 1/2 ironman triathlons. But this year I didn’t have the chance to do one, so sitting at work one day I started thinking; Do I want to do another marathon and realised I didn’t want the stress again, so why not think about something longer (I know, how stupid of me). read more

Long Haul (Updated)

Last weekend Joe Hurley, Ian Hosley and Stuart Blofeld all went off to compete in riduculous events! Most people these days are familiar with Ironman triathlons, but only a few actually contemplate doing one and then even less set-off from the start line.

Joe Hurley has now done six of these events that consist of a 2.5 mile swim, a 112 mile run and then a marathon just top it all off! His sixth and most recent one was Ian's debut and it took place in the only official UK version of the Ironman series up in Bolton in Lancashire. I did e-mail to ask for a comment from the man himself, but he has so far declined to comment!

Joe was hoping to complete the course somewhere in the region of eleven hours, but his total time of 12:02 is still a crazy amount of time to be exercising and was split into 1:11 in a lake, 6:17 sat on a bike and a 4:17 pounding the roads! Overall it gave him a finish position of 275 out of 983. Ian meanwhile was learning how to approach the event and started with a 1.27 swim before spending nearly 7.30 on a bike! He clearly was feeling fresh in the end though as he completed the marathon leg of this epic effort in 3.43 and was extremely chuffed.

While Joe and Ian were off doing that, Stuart decided that running around a 10K loop for 24 hours was a much better option! He was hoping to complete over 100 miles in that time, which for those of you not too quick on the maths, means 16 10K's on the same course, back to back! With absolutely no knowledge of ultra running and complete incomprehension as to why you would do it, I don't really feel in a position to comment. However, I do offer many congratulations to Stuart on a remarkable race and urge you to read his blog, which gives far more insight than I could ever offer here. Yes, I know it's a get out!

Since writing this originally, Joe has sent across a more detailed report.......