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Track & Field……mostly

The dates for this summer's track & field league which most of the junior section of the club will attend have just been sent around and they are as follows;

Sunday 16th May – Cambridge Sunday 13th June – Peterborough Sunday 4th July – Colchester Sunday 8th August – Luton

Now, since we lost our track a number of years back the number of senior athletes doing any running, jumping or throwing has gone from a few down to none, so here is a list of reasons why you should put these dates in your diary and give it a go;

1. Support the juniors and encourages better links between the yoof and the old gits 2. Chance to try something new. Long jump, javelin, hurdles……….pole vault! 3. It's good fun. The action is thick and fast with lots of events to watch and athletes to cheer on 4. The events are over with quickly…….so you can do a few! 5. The other clubs who compete are often in same position with inexperienced seniors just coming for some fun 6. The more T & F the seniors do the more likely the youngsters will do the cross-country

Also, along the same lines, there has been another request for help at Tuesday training. The primary concern is with female support as both Liz and Marlene have been going for a many years and with do not really want to be involved any more. If there are enough volunteers it could be done on a rota basis and whilst coaching is useful the main role would be information based. Please contact Les Oliver ( to offer your services or get more information. read more

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