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Stu’s 3 in 3 – Part 1: Brighton

Brighton Marathon 2018 race report ~ Breaking 3?

By Stu Blofeld

The Back Story

This is my story, this is my race, this is my experience of the Brighton Marathon in my attempt to break 3. It’s a race report too but that sounds so boring and soulless, so impersonal. What I experienced in Brighton was none of those things. It was emotional, and personal, a celebration, a culmination of five months of training in which I publicly declared as part of my 3 in 3hr marathon challenge that I was shooting for sub3. A lofty goal and not a time I have got anywhere near since 2013. But the sub3 time I set back then is not significant to this story and isn’t even in the record books so this quite frankly was my first shot at breaking 3 hours and making it official. read more

Greensand Ridge Relay

By Andy Inchley

Amy always takes the micky out of me by telling everyone that the GSRR is my favourite day of the year! This may be stretching the truth for her own amusement, but it isn’t too far wrong – I would certainly say that it’s probably my favourite running event of the year.

For those that don’t know, it is a 34 mile, six leg, self-navigated trail relay from one side of Bedfordshire to the other starting at Tiddenfoot Lake and finishing in the village of Northill. There are usually 40-45 teams and 10-15 individuals taking part, competing for a range of different trophies. read more

Inaugural Club 1 Mile races

Well I think it’s fair to say that today’s mile races were a good success in the main. It was great to have four races all run in some sunshine with some excellent performances produced all around.

Particular thanks to the Amy, Cheryl, Dave and Pete for helping out with the results recording. It was all very efficient.

The senior results will feed into the overall club woman and club man of the year results and the juniors will have a target for later in the season when they fancy running another mile on the track. They can be found in the results section. read more


Next significant item on the club agenda is the London marathon. We probably have 8 club members running and lots going down to watch. If you'd like to go but haven't made plans yet, please shout and we'll get you under somebody's wing.

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