Junior Training

Where we train

LBAC juniors are mainly based at Vandyke School (LU7 3DY) where we use the facilities provided by the school as well as specialist LBAC equipment (e.g. high jump, throws equipment etc). During the summer we use the playing field, 400m grass track and sand pits where training is outside at Vandyke School on both Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 6.45pm. Please make your way around the back of the school to the playing fields.

During autumn when daylight fades, we move inside to Vandyke sports hall on Tuesdays. On Thursdays, to prepare for cross country season and winter sprints, we meet at the recycling bins in Tescos car park at 6.40pm and we finish at 7.30 pm. Arrive promptly for the start of the session and afterwards for pick-up. Please wait with your children until a coach (David, Warren or Nick) is in attendance who will endeavour to be there by 6.40pm. We rarely cancel sessions, but when we do an e-mail and/or a Facebook update will be issued before the session is planned to start.

Wear fluorescent/white visible tops don’t forget it could be cold, but drink bottles should accompany athletes as well as gloves and hats in outer layer pockets.

How to train

Listening to the coaches is key to successful development. Athletes are expected to warm-up before training and warm-down after training, as advised by the coaches. We use dynamic warm ups (e.g. fast feet, high knees, heel flicks etc) that gently ease the body into training and stretches (quads, calves, hamstrings, core etc) that ensure muscles are warmed down after vigorous exercise. To avoid injury, ensure that these exercises become second nature.

Furthermore, please bring appropriate clothing for the weather and if competing, remember to bring a packed lunch. Always bring water and please avoid fizzy drinks. Let your coach know if you are taking any medication. Most importantly, be on time for training and meetings.