Juniors – Club Kit

What to wear

During all competitions, athletes are expected to wear the official LBAC vest.  We strongly recommend that you try on one of the sample vests before ordering online to ensure you get the size you want. We encourage names or initials on junior vests so that we know who they belong to.

Order your official LBAC club vests, hoodies, tracksuits, T-training shirts and jackets from KITWORLD. Postage is charged at £5 whether you order 1 item or 10, so if this is an issue please consider ordering with someone else.

Crop tops for girls. These tops are additional kit and do not replace club vests as it may not always be appropriate to wear them e.g. in team events or in poor weather conditions. The English Cross Country Association currently feels that wearing of crop tops in very wet and cold conditions is detrimental to athletes performance so we expect our junior athletes to dress according to conditions and respect advice given by coaches and parents.

if you have borrowed and then competed in an LBAC vest, please return it washed.