MK Parkrun – 5k Club Championships

On Saturday 18 July, Leighton Buzzard Athletic Club held their annual 5k Club Championship race. This year it was decided that we would take advantage of one of the excellent local Parkruns ( to host the race and so it was hoped quite a few members of the club would come to Willen Lake in Milton Keynes to take part.

And what a turn out it was! With 34 club members taking part, some as young as 10 and others 50 or 60 years their senior, it really does show that running can be for everyone.

The club had 6 runners who had never run the Milton Keynes parkrun before and 7 Personal Bests for the course including Georgina Haynes, Caroline Mann, Isobel Haynes, Kate Johnson, Oliver Inchley, Scott Towell, David Killick and Jordan Clay. Jordan also managed to pip second place on the line to win the race on the day.

The 5k Club Champion for the men was Jordan Clay, joined in the top 10 by Benjamin Corfield, Andy Inchley, Pete Mackrell, Sam Nicholas, Elliot Hind and Adam Haylock.

Amy Inchley managed to hold off a strong challenge from Johanna Sharples to take the win for ladies. Along with Amy and Jo, Katie Haylock also finished in the top 10 with a solid run.

Well done to everybody who took part and for those first timers, we hope to see you at another local Parkrun course soon!


mk parkrun start

Charging off at the start

Club captain James Bell chasing down son Harry

Club captain James Bell chasing down son Harry

Name Time Notes
Jordan Clay 16:57 1st man, COURSE PB
Benjamin Corfield 17:08 3rd man, First timer
Andy Inchley 17:14 5th man
Pete Mackrell 17:25 6th man
Sam Nicholas 17:49 8th man
Elliot Hind 17:53 9th man
Adam Haylock 18:07 10th man
Tom Inchley 18:26
Tim Inchley 18:36
Nick Clay 19:31
Sam Dear 19:41
Chris Norman 20:04
David Killick 20:49 COURSE PB
Amy Inchley 21:15 3rd lady
Johanna Sharples 21:29 4th lady
Sean Westrope 21:40 First timer
Chris Dimmock 21:54
Scott Towell 22:18 COURSE PB
Katie Haylock 22:32 6th lady
Harry Bell 22:44 First timer
James Bell 22:47 First timer
Fred Watt 23:55
Megan Westrope 24:11 First timer
Oliver Inchley 24:21 COURSE PB
Richard Inchley 24:36
Kate Johnson 25:38 COURSE PB
Isobel Haynes 25:39 COURSE PB
Fiona Towell 26:15
Jane Sauer 26:18 First timer
Liz Miller 29:04 First timer
Mandy Clay 30:49
Caroline Mann 31:21 COURSE PB
Georgina Haynes 35:42 COURSE PB
Mark Haynes 35:43