New Member FAQs

New Member FAQs

We have compiled some frequently asked questions for runners new to our club, or thinking of joining us. We look forward to running with you!


Which training sessions are suitable for me?

We offer social running and improvement sessions on Tuesdays, social running on Wednesdays and improvement sessions on Thursdays. Tuesday training sessions are perfect if you are able to run a minimum continuous distance of 5 km in under 35 mins (7 min/km pace), while those who are able to run 10 km in under 60 mins (6 min/km pace) may prefer our Wednesday sessions. Thursday improvement sessions are appropriate for all abilities. We encourage members who participate in Wednesday sessions to also join the Tuesday team, especially those experiencing post-race/injury recovery.

Do I need any special kit?

Your footwear is by far the most important thing to think about for running. To start running any distance; you need a comfortable, well-fitting, not-too-old pair of trainers. And if you enjoy running and want to continue; you need to think about buying a pair of good quality running shoes. If you need guidance on the type of shoe that will suit you, we recommend using Up & Running. Club members receive a discount at their store in Milton Keynes.

Please wear comfortable clothing to run in, a top and leggings, joggers, or sports shorts. Light layers are good as you will warm up as you run. During darker months please wear bright coloured or reflective clothing and a head torch or body light.

Is it a weekly fee or annual membership?

Membership is on an annual basis and you can join at anytime of the year; you can participate in as many or as few training sessions as you like. Individual membership works out about 80p per week and has a range of member benefits – find out more on our How to Join page.

Do you run in all types of weather?

Mostly, but not under extreme conditions if it’s dangerous (lightning, excessive heat, gales).