Performance of the Month

2018 brought a new award, Performance of the Month.

This is chosen by the Club Captains and goes to whoever they feel has performed well in the calendar month. This does not necessarily go to the fastest individual and could be awarded for anything from a PB in one particular race to somebody who has turned up to every event in that month just to support those competing for the club.

The full list of winners can be found below:


Month Winner Reason
January 2024 Lauren Mead Smashing the Beds County Cross Country Championships and finishing 2nd overall
February 2024 Kate Johnson Showing huge dedication and determination to complete a Chiltern Cross Country League season.
March 2024 Cristian de Sa PBs galore! A 6th Stag PB in a row, followed by a first Half Marathon and a 5k PB at the 12-stage relays.