Race the Pain

Race the Pain

This page is dedicated to the Monday Speed Session: Race the Pain!

Check your PB or compare yourself to other runners.

Race the Pain (RtP) was devised several years ago as part of the Monday night speed sessions, the idea being that each month we would test ourselves with a 2 mile “race” through town trying to beat our previous times and work on our Age graded performance percentage. Due to bad lighting issues along the old railway track and wanting more variety on Mondays however, we no longer do this every month, but still venture back every so often! More info can be found in our handy guide with a map of the route here.

Unfortunately the “winter” route avoiding the railway line isn’t included on here as it’s a different distance.


Historical records of PBs ranked by age-graded performance.

WAVA has also developed the following broad “Achievement Levels” for use with Age-Graded Scoring. A score within each range indicates the level of performance achieved by an athlete.

  • 100% =    Approximate World Record Level
  • 90-99% = World Class
  • 80-89% = National Class
  • 70-79% = Regional Class
  • 60-69% = Local Class



Historical records of PBs ranked by time.