Tuesday Night Training

Tuesday Night Training

Tuesday night sessions start at 7pm by the main entrance to Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre and are suitable for runners aged 16+, including those transitioning from our Junior section. We welcome all running paces; however, as we do not offer a beginners or couch-to-5 km programme, we expect runners to be able to cover a minimum continuous distance of 5km (3.1miles) in around 35 mins.

Across a month, our 1-hour training sessions comprise a mixture of steady runs, improvement and hill sessions, varying between an intense 5-km for improvement sessions to approximately 7–9kms (4-5.5miles) on hill and steady runs, depending on looping*. The sessions include a warmup, main session, cool down, with stretching to finish.

Once Tuesday night runners feel comfortable running about 10km in less than an hour (6 min/km or ~9:40min/mile), they are encouraged to also join the social Wednesday sessions, when we run distances of 9km+ (6miles+) in pace groups. Thursday speed sessions are slightly more intensive than the Tuesday improvement sessions and are open to all abilities.

New Runners

As with all of our training nights, you will be sure of a warm and supportive welcome. We run because we love running, want to stay fit and enjoy running with others. We warmly welcome new runners on the first Tuesday of each month and offer the first month as a free taster. We’d love to have you along, so please email us at enquiries@leightonbuzzardac.co.uk and read our Running FAQs to find out more.

Monthly Programme

1st Tuesday: New runners/steady run (7–9km/4-5.5miles)

2nd Tuesday: Improvement (intense 5km/3.1miles)

3rd Tuesday: Steady run (7–9km/4-5.5miles)

4th Tuesday: Hills (c. 7km/4.3miles)


*Looping: faster runners in the group regularly loop back past the tail-runners to ensure the whole group covers the minimum distance as a single unit.