Membership Forms

Membership Forms


From 2022 our yearly membership will run from the 1st April to the 31st March to align with the England Athletics affiliation and registration year.

You can renew your membership from the 1st March for the following year and will automatically receive an Early Bird Discount if you join/renew before the 1st May. Membership fees are reduced if you join the club during the second half of the year (1st October to 28/29th February).

Unless you are a second claim athlete or a non-runner, your membership fee includes the fee for athlete registration with England Athletics.

To join or renew please visit our membership portal at:

If you are renewing your membership, please use your e-mail address to ‘Sign In’ to your membermojo account then click ‘Renew’.

You can access your membermojo account at any time during the year and edit your personal and contact details should them change.

Online payments by debit/credit card or PayPal are preferable, however if you are unable to make an online payment or have any problems with the membermojo website then please contact our Membership Secretary at: