Provided below is a list of race results where LBAC members have taken part. If you would like us to add any performances please let us know.

There are two websites called Power of 10 and Run Britain Rankings which records all performances in races which have a UK Athletics permit. You can add in any past performances for which the results are online. You can also add in a photo of yourself and a personal profile. If you don’t currently have a profile you can create one and edit it as you see fit. It’s ideal for keeping all of your races up to date with very little effort!

2019 results

2018 results

2017 results

2016 results

2015 results

2014 results

2013 results

2012 results

2011 results

2010 results

Club Records

If you’re feeling like a challenge, why not have a look at our club records and see if you can get your name into our hall of fame!

Club Records