The Stag Trophy

In true LBAC style, this competition was named after the pub where the club members used to regularly meet up. It is a series of seven 4K races over the winter months from October to April. The majority of the races are on the first Wednesday of every month, Lanzarote Challenge and new years day allowing.

Every participant is given a handicap time with the handicappers aim being that we all cross the finish line at the same time, therefore runners start at various times. Each individual’s handicap is liable to change on a monthly basis at the discretion of the handicapper (Dave ‘I’ll have a Pint’ Adams).

The idea therefore, is to try and beat your own handicap every month and finish well up the field. The first home gets 25 points, the second 24 and so on.

It is not essential to do all the races, but it helps. Each individual’s five top scoring races will count towards their overall

Latest Results!

Check out the standings and results for the current season!

Andy’s Handy Hints for Winning the Stag!

On every Stag Race night people still meet at Tiddenfoot as per usual, but we aim for a 7.20pm depart instead of the usual 7.30pm. Alternatively just head to Parsons Close Recreation Ground for 7.30pm.

The Stag Trophy – Former Winners

If anyone has results from prior to 1987 I will gladly fill in the missing details in the historical table. All we have is what it says on the trophy.

All Time Records

All the PBs of all the years!

Map of the Course

It is a three lap route with just four left turns to consider. More details can be found on the map page.