MK Winter Half 2015 (2) – A New Year Mullet

by Adam Haylock

  • Rubbish week training
  • Stayed up all night watching boxing.
  • Got up late
  • Drove to MK in a cold car that was overheating.
  • It was, rainy, muddy, cold, miserable
  • Good 5 miles, running with Tom I in 30.30
  • Legs turned to Jelly, ran the rest at training pace
  • Got outsprinted by a girl
  • Cost me £60
  • I am now retired and going to grow a mullet.


  • IG is on fire
  • Jordan can still run fast with little training
  • Tom is strong
  • Tim is now faster than Adam
  • Sam is set to have a record breaking 2016
  • Katie did well with no training
  • Lynn & Jo did amazing.
  • Richard Inchley was first70 (I think)
  • I had beers in the evening