Laps on the Track

Laps on the Track – An EAL debut

by Kate Johnson

I have spent the last 18 months spectating running rather than actually doing any. A very difficult pregnancy left me very ill and in and out of hospital and after that a traumatic emergency C section saw me still sat out on the side lines.

I have struggled to return to running, I have been in significant pain just walking and I felt like running further than a parkrun was out of reach. That in mind I was looking for different challenges to prevent me becoming frustrated with both the lack of running and the lack of speed.

I have taken the approach of entering anything I would have previously said no too, which has seen mixed successes at all sorts. I have run more trails, different distances, done a lot of spinning, when the chance to do EAL at Luton came up, I thought “well, why not?”

Looking at the events on offer, I knew I would be spending the best part of the day at the track I decided it was all or nothing, no point in not running everything…….

I dragged Chip and Andrew along and as anyone with kids knows, packed the car with everything needed for a safari and a ski trip (just in case).

As we arrived at Luton and got set up with a playmat, toys, food and anything else I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew. There were a lot of “serious” looking adults competing.

I have no spikes and barely any kit that fits my still chubby post baby body. I felt pretty self conscious stood with the girls and ladies whom some of them wouldn’t look out of place on the front cover of Runners World.

I decided that seeing as we were there and I had a Chip Sitter I may as well get on with it.

The races were good and fairly well spread out so I did get some rest. The officials were super and very encouraging and made sure I knew the rules before each race. The crowd was pretty encouraging as well but I stayed hidden behind my sunglasses!!

Every lady in every race I did waited until the last runner had finished and shook all the competitors hands. I thought that was lovely and I didn’t feel so bad when I got lapped in the 1500m. I had the whole track to myself!

I now have times for all the track events so I can now work on getting faster before the next time. It was a great day out with loads of fun ( and chip sitters).

I really would recommend the EAL as a chance to do something different, in a safe environment.

Until, next time…….


For anybody inspired by Kate to enter the next EAL fixture, it’s THIS SUNDAY – Please  let us know by emailing before Wednesday 17th July 11.00pm . After that time we are not able to accept any more entries!