Meet the Buzzards – Sam Dear

Meet the Buzzards


Find out a little bit about your new Club Captain in Meet the Buzzards



Sam Dear





Where were you born?

Luton & Dunstable Hospital


Tell me something about you:

Born and bred in Bedfordshire, I have a season ticket for Luton Town Football Club (a valid reason for why I miss some Chiltern League fixtures!), a Physical Geography degree from University of Sheffield and definitely enjoy a rest day. My girlfriend Jo probably has to take some credit for some of my good race times as I need to work hard to be faster than her!


Who is your favourite athlete?

I don’t really have a favourite… so many inspirational ones out there! But I do like a lot of what Eilish McColgan says and does. She seems pretty down to earth.


How long have you been running and when did you join LBAC? 

I ran the Great North Run in 2010 as my first race and joined LBAC when my work colleague Andy Inchley (heard of him?) finally persuaded me to come along to a training session… which just so happened to be a watchless 4 mile!


What is your favourite race distance?

Probably 5k at the moment – love a parkrun! (not technically a race I know)


What is your goal for the next 12 months?

To keep fit and healthy, ready to attack some PBs once the races are back on! Also steadily working my way around the parkrun challenges with Chris Dimmock & Jo. Anybody is welcome to tag along if you need an F!


What’s your favourite post-run refuel snack?

Gregg’s vegan sausage roll – although usually only as a reward after a PB!


Fartlek or Pyramid session?



Speed or distance?



And one for the post Cross Country pub trips…


What’s your favourite drink?

A pint of beer then onto the JD and coke!

Sam striding towards the finish at XC… or is he taking it easy?