Langmay Trophy Concludes the Season

Following on from last week’s Stag Trophy finale we had one final event to conclude the 2019/20 season.

The traditional Boxing Day handicap that has been the Easter handicap in recent years migrated (hopefully for just one year!) to the late summer. It was also no longer a head to head race but a virtual one spread over nine days where competitors ran the route and we took the times from the Strava segment.

None of this is ideal for anyone; the route is far more interesting if you’re having a battle with a teammate rather than battling round on your own and as we all know, segments can be inconsistent in their time recording. However, it was the same for everyone and there was a serious trophy up for grabs.

In the end we had three women and eight men run round the course over the nine-day period allowed and all will earn points towards the overall clubman/woman of the year. Three of the eleven managed to beat Dave’s predicted time, which is an excellent effort given the circumstances. And so, the top three:

  • In 3rd place, 35 seconds ahead of his handicap – James Lowe
  • In 2nd place, 52 seconds ahead of his handicap – Gary Straford
  • And the winner, 70 seconds ahead of his handicap – Sam Dear

Dave Adams described Sam’s run as “Storming” and so many congratulations should go to him for winning the final trophy of the longest ever season.

We will endeavour to get both this trophy and the Stag presented to the winners as soon as possible. The full results are below:

Easter Handicap Results (Virtual) – 2020
29th August – 6th September 2020
Pos. Name Predicted Time Actual Time Difference
1 Sam Dear 34:55 33:45 -01:10
2 Gary Stratford 42:35 41:43 -00:52
3 James Lowe 39:50 39:15 -00:35
4 Chris Dimmock 45:05 45:42 00:37
5 Tom Kimber 33:55 34:54 00:59
6 Jo Sharples 37:20 39:59 02:39
7 Rob Elmore 31:30 34:10 02:40
8 Ruth Mitchell 39:30 42:52 03:22
9 Stuart Dimmock 39:20 42:44 03:24
10 Amy Farnfield 39:30 42:55 03:25
11 Neil Green 43:00 49:29 06:29

This is the segment we used for the timings: