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Stag Trophy Heating Up

Five races into the Stag trophy season and we are starting to see some moves around the top of the leaderboard. There are two races left and each individual’s five best scores are taken into account so from next month potential contenders will be dropping their lowest scores. What this means is that there can be big shifts in the table with one good performance.

As it stands after the February Stag, technically there are still 21 people who could win it, although there are five slightly more clear favourites. read more

January Sunshine

I may be about to put a curse on it, but considering the Southern Cross-country championships are always at the end of January it’s amazing how often it’s a glorious day! In the middle of whole load of wet and windy weather there was a break again this year and last Saturday saw wintery sunshine spread over the Heath in Hampstead for much of the day.

This was a great relief to the thousands of runners and spectators who make an annual pilgrimage to this home of cross-country running for either the Southern champs (2 out of 3 years) or the national champs (1 out of 3). It isn’t the hilliest, longest or muddiest cross-country ever, but it is one of the longest and one of the muddiest on a pretty hilly course. In the world of cross-country that Leighton Buzzard lives in, it really doesn’t get any tougher. read more

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

By Kas Gardner

I’ve never run a 15 mile race before so at least at the Folksworth 15 I was guaranteed a PB, even if this race has the reputation of being the hilliest in Cambridgeshire.

The Folksworth 15 is put on by Yaxley Runners and HQ is a primary school with proper changing rooms and toilets. Plus they’ve put out a shed load of portaloos in the community centre grounds that’s about 50 metres away.

We had to park around half a mile away (some had to park even further away) but Yaxley Runners had organised cars to ferry you from the car parks to the race HQ and were waiting by the race HQ to whisk you back there after you’d finished. read more

Some Chill in the Air

January’s Stag Trophy race is often a mixed up affair with post Christmas lethargy and lousy weather indicating slow times, but sometimes we get a cold still night that allows people to run quickly despite the holiday over exuberance. Although it was a little damp under foot, the conditions were excellent and eight people achieved new PB’s, almost all of which joined the club in 2015.

The turn-out was once again very good with 26 people completing the course and making for a friendly but competitive race. read more

What? No Crazy Golf!

By Andy Inchley

“Oh no! What are mum and dad going to do with their afternoons?” This was the immediate thought that crossed the minds of both Amy and I when we discovered that the crazy golf course at Club La Santa (CLS) was being rebuilt while we were there this year.

Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely loads to do, but mini golf (as CLS call it) is an absolute staple of our time in Lanzarote and when legs are weary from racing it’s a great way to pass the time and take in the sun while retaining a level of friendly competition. However, this is true of Mr & Mrs Inchley Senior more than anyone else! read more

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