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Beginners Tackle Tough Parkrun

by Kate Johnson

Our Tuesday sessions for beginner & improver runners are proving popular, so we decided it was time to test their progress!

We took a trip to Rushmere parkrun, which for those of your who have done this course, it’s a tough one! It’s both undulating and on trails and the weather had left it in a decidely soggy state, so was a real test for our newbies.

5 of our runners met the challenge: Lucie, Susan, Kathleen, Modupe and our newest runner April, who has only been running for 2 weeks. read more

MK Festival of Running

From 5k to 20miles, we had at least one runner in every distance, all with different targets and goals in mind. Here is an insight into the day through the minds of Dominic, Stuart, Lynn and Mark.


by Dominic Grimshaw

On Sunday morning I had to wake up really early and I couldn’t watch videos on my phone or TV.  The reason was we had to go to Milton Keynes as there was the MK Festival of Running.  My mum was running the half marathon so she put my name down for the 5k and I thought it was a good idea. read more

XC – The Nationals

The National, Donnington Park, 27th February 2016

by James Bell

Jolyon Attwool, the Telegraph journalist who of late has been running the Southerns and National XC events and committing those experiences to his broadsheet, wrote in his article of The National at Castle Donnington that ‘It looked like a festival: a Glastonbury with greater lung capacity’. To me the start felt tribal and like others I wanted a sword and shield because it felt like I was going into battle.


Start of the U13s boy’s race – On the count of three….Charge!.

There’s a report on the elite activities here so I shall not dwell on who won what races. A summary is that Chiltern League winners did appear in some of the top results and I am still in awe of anyone who is able to pull out the stops and beat their peers in this race. read more

Wins, but not Slow

Winslow 10k

by Sam Dear

At the start of 2016, my 10k PB time was at a pace slower per mile than my half marathon PB, so something had to be done. Having not run one since August 2014 I entered three 10k races in early 2016, determined to get under that magic 40 minute mark, with the Winslow 10k being the first.

I arrived in Winslow with Jo and her sister Kathryn who were also running and quickly bumped into Kate and Andrew before walking to the start and finding Adam (with kids in tow), Susan and spotting David Marham across the Sports Hall. read more

Ex-stream-ely Keen in Hardwick

Hardwick X-Stream

by Gareth Bird

After a tough and enjoyable Chiltern Cross Country League race at Campbell Park, it was time to head home and get my spikes and club shirt ready for the next day’s event, the Hardwick X-Stream.

The name says it all; Hardwick is a rural village just outside Aylesbury on the A413 Buckingham Road and yes, there are several stream crossings! The event is put on by Bearbrook Running Club and is well managed with a friendly atmosphere.

This is the third consecutive year I have taken part in this event and I’m determined it’s the one that will keep me running until I drop. For me it ticks all the boxes; it’s challenging, makes great use of farm land and water courses, and generates funds for a running club. It also has a great medal in the form of a ‘horse brass’ to mount on leathers that are available on the day. I opted for a six medal holder, so three more years to go until that’s full. The medals vary from year to year, with this year’s being Valentine themed. read more

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