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Tims and Toms do battle

The first race of the MK Tour is rarely a cagey affair. Everyone thinks they are going to take it easy and save themselves for later in the week, but as soon as the gun goes tactics go out of the window and it becomes like any other race. “I’ll worry about tomorrow’s race tomorrow” becomes the order of the day.

The first major surprise was to see Stu Blofeld with a pair of trainers on. He struggled to get his legs moving horizontally rather than in a circle, but did enough to get around the 11K course in 47:58 and intends on doing one or two more of the series. Others who were there on day one, but haven’t committed to the full tour yet were Graham Magill, whose 46:19 earned him 32nd place out of 111 finishers and Chris Norman whose crazy training schedule seems to be paying dividends as he powered round the second half to come home 7th in 39:01. read more

Race the Train

By Tim Inchley

Earlier this year I decided I needed another challenge to keep my running focus, but wanted something different from the local road races. Thinking back to days and people gone by I always remember one of our former members and running legend Paul Dimmock, who is sadly no longer with us, talk of a race where you had to run a considerable distance cross-country against a train. “Surely it’s impossible to beat the train?” I would say, but no, with a bit of hard work and some decent training it could be done, so this was the race for me. read more

Bearbrook 10k

by Jo Sharples

There were five LBAC runners who turned out on a very sunny Sunday to run the Bearbrook 10K, including Pete Mackrell, Adam Haylock, Kate Johnson, Sarah Daniels and myself.

After a poor run at the Thame 10K a few weeks ago, I had unfinished business. But me being me I had already started to psyche myself out, come Sunday morning I was imagining injuries that had not been there Saturday, regretting the mileage from the previous weekend and generally  not feeling race fit. After arriving and getting into my somewhat anti-social pre-race routine I realised I wasn’t going to run well if I was expecting to do badly. So, positive mental attitude and a bit of Bruce Springsteen “Born to run”, was the way forward. read more

MK Parkrun – 5k Club Championships

On Saturday 18 July, Leighton Buzzard Athletic Club held their annual 5k Club Championship race. This year it was decided that we would take advantage of one of the excellent local Parkruns ( to host the race and so it was hoped quite a few members of the club would come to Willen Lake in Milton Keynes to take part.

And what a turn out it was! With 34 club members taking part, some as young as 10 and others 50 or 60 years their senior, it really does show that running can be for everyone. read more

Weary Soles Relay

By Chris Dimmock

With bright sunshine and early morning birdsong streaming through the bedroom window I awoke to the day of reckoning for the inaugural Weary Soles Relay. Being only slightly paranoid I checked the route for my leg online before leaving the safety of the home wi-fi zone. To my only very slight horror Google found two versions of leg 5, the one I had recced and one I hadn’t. With one eye on the clock I set about the map with the un-recced route and checked for the changes. Satisfied I could see the differences I got my gear together and overcoming localised transport issues, yomped across town to meet with the other members of the team at Tiddenfoot. read more

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