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The Wild and Windy West of the Chiltern League – Culham

Saturday’s Chiltern League fixture took the club out to the wilds of Oxfordshire on the banks of the River Thames. Culham Park was the venue for a breezy Cross Country with some more excellent performances from all those who ran.

The course was mostly firm underfoot apart from the hilly section across the motocross track, but the wind added an extra obstacle as the long drag out half way along each lap was almost directly into the strong gusts making you feel like you were running in treacle, unless you were lucky enough to be able to shelter behind one of the larger runners! read more

Representing England in Dublin

The 28th British and Irish Masters Cross Country International Championships

Santry Demesne, Dublin

by Gail Duckworth

On Saturday I was representing England in the annual Home international for the 10th time! I can’t quite believe that my first English vest was in 2002 in the W45-49 in Cardiff. The event moves from country to country each and this year was The Republic of Ireland turn to host it. So, 13 years later and in the W60-64 I competed in Dublin.

The format is the same each year with all women running together W35+ with the Men 65+ over 6K. In our race each country can select 4 runners’ with 3 to score. England usually has more depth and reserves are named some of whom travel and then run in the Open race. The men have two other highly competitive races M50-64 and M35-49 both over 8K and the Open follows these. read more

A Dirty Half!

Dirt Half Challenge

by Lisa Bowyer

The day had finally arrived! With some preparation under my belt I felt slightly confident that I could get my aim of under 2 hours. This was my second half marathon and the first was in MK in May with a time of 1 hour 57 mins. So with the weather man saying expect “hellish rain” I was expecting the conditions to be tough!

Rocking a black sack, I arrived a the start to see all the LBAC lads ready right at the front on the starting line. They all looked keen and ready to race! “Join us here” they said. I didn’t as I thought I would be the slow one in the way at the front of the pack so went a bit further back (big regret!). I should of started with them and gone to the side and used the field to get my pace. I got stuck in clumps of people and it wasn’t until Tesco that I felt like I had cleared out of a pack and got a good pace going. It’s a nice canal run up to the Three Locks with plenty of support along the way. read more

Stu Tackles Snowdonia… again!

by Stu Blofeld

This year was my fifth consecutive Snowdonia marathon. I always look forward to coming here and can’t imagine not doing so. Everything about this marathon is top draw from the support you get from the marshals and spectators to the amazing scenery and then of course there is the marathon route itself. It’s simply the best road marathon in the UK. So on to this year. My preparation was textbook stuff. A solid 1 and a bit weeks of marathon training including a longest run of 12 miles, one hill session (Tring Parkrun), and one speed session (Race the Pain) with my running club LBAC. I was ready! read more

Buckingham 10k

by Andrew Hallworth

A slightly chilly Sunday morning greeted us on the 18th October as Kate Johnson and I headed over to collect Kate’s mum and then head off to Buckingham for race day.  It had been over 6 months since I put on the purple and gold vest in anger (MK festival of running 10k in March being the last race I entered) and outside of the negative thoughts I was actually looking forward to the race which is highly unusual for me.

I had been convinced to enter this race with the information that it was a “fairly flat” course with nice views in an around Stowe House and was a little surprised at the registration to hear someone describing the route as “pretty hilly” and “not that easy”.  Those good feelings quickly started to fade but I was in now and the race number was attached.  Getting close to the start time it was good to see some familiar faces arrive in purple and gold as I didn’t have a clue who else from LBAC had entered the race, Amy Inchley, Tim Inchley, Lynn Boddy, Katie & Adam Haylock, Charlie Mead and Sarah Lyon from Kate’s improvers group were all there for a strong club turnout. read more

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