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Ex-stream-ely Keen in Hardwick

Hardwick X-Stream

by Gareth Bird

After a tough and enjoyable Chiltern Cross Country League race at Campbell Park, it was time to head home and get my spikes and club shirt ready for the next day’s event, the Hardwick X-Stream.

The name says it all; Hardwick is a rural village just outside Aylesbury on the A413 Buckingham Road and yes, there are several stream crossings! The event is put on by Bearbrook Running Club and is well managed with a friendly atmosphere.

This is the third consecutive year I have taken part in this event and I’m determined it’s the one that will keep me running until I drop. For me it ticks all the boxes; it’s challenging, makes great use of farm land and water courses, and generates funds for a running club. It also has a great medal in the form of a ‘horse brass’ to mount on leathers that are available on the day. I opted for a six medal holder, so three more years to go until that’s full. The medals vary from year to year, with this year’s being Valentine themed. read more

Cheating on the Leighton 10

by Jo Sharples

Anyone who knows me, knows my love of the Leighton 10. But after hitting ‘a wall’ 10 miles in on my last couple of half marathons, I decided I also loved 10 mile races. So even though it felt a little bit like cheating, I entered the Fred Hughes 10.

I was a solo LBACer at the Fred Hughes 10 on 24th January. I would say the race offers an undulating (some may say hilly) and scenic route around St Albans. The race being hosted by St Albans Striders always gets their quick runners out and this year it was also the Hertfordshire county championships, so it proved to be a competitive field. read more

Quagmire at Wigmore

And the award for the muddiest Cross Country conditions so far this season go to…. Wigmore in Luton!

With Aylesbury parkrun called off completely that very morning, we should have known better than to expect anything else than a run around a quagmire in the afternoon. As the majority of the seniors arrived midway through the juniors, it was immediately apparent that the area around the tent village was already “spike ready” so the course was probably far worse!

With the older folk standing around, moaning and wondering why we keep turning up to these things, the juniors were already out showing us how it was done and braving the conditions on the course and making it that little bit more muddy for all those to follow. read more

Big Efforts Near Biggleswade

Big efforts near Biggleswade – Beds/Bucks County XC

by Colin Postawa

So last Saturday I embarked on a short trip to Shuttleworth for my second ever XC race, and no more “just testing this out” excuses so a top three was definitely on the cards this time. This was the joint Cross Country County race for Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Having only been a club member since October, the first thing myself and fellow club newbie Amy F noticed was just how many LBAC members seem to turn out for these events. If not running, then vocally supporting other members or taking pictures. The XC scene also seems a lot more welcoming than your average 10k event, maybe the format helps with families being able to race in their respective category’s after cheering on their little ones….or maybe it is something else altogether. read more

MK Winter Half 2015 (2) – A New Year Mullet

by Adam Haylock

  • Rubbish week training
  • Stayed up all night watching boxing.
  • Got up late
  • Drove to MK in a cold car that was overheating.
  • It was, rainy, muddy, cold, miserable
  • Good 5 miles, running with Tom I in 30.30
  • Legs turned to Jelly, ran the rest at training pace
  • Got outsprinted by a girl
  • Cost me £60
  • I am now retired and going to grow a mullet.


  • IG is on fire
  • Jordan can still run fast with little training
  • Tom is strong
  • Tim is now faster than Adam
  • Sam is set to have a record breaking 2016
  • Katie did well with no training
  • Lynn & Jo did amazing.
  • Richard Inchley was first70 (I think)
  • I had beers in the evening
  • read more

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