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Podium Finish in the Sun

By Chris Large

The club’s annual overseas trip is to Club La Santa, one of the world’s leading sports resorts which is on the north of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. There are loads of activities available on the site and there is of course The International Running Challenge which is a set of four races at the end of November.

Club La Santa is a Danish-run resort which provides a training base for amateurs and some elite teams alike. In fact the Belgium Olympic Team visit regularly and the U20 GB Ladies Wheelchair Basketball team also recently stayed, while we’ve been out here in the past with Johnny Brownlee and Angelique Kerber. This year the Danish ´help for heroes´ army/air force veterans were here. There really are a huge range of sports to fit into your stay including all the racquet sports, wind surfing and crazy golf(!) to name but a few in addition to the three Olympic size swimming pools. read more

International Challenge Number 4

By Chris Large

Back in spring 2016 I received the annual email from Richard Inchley asking if I wanted to go along on the International Running Challenge 2016 trip to Lanzarote.  For those who don’t know about it, it is four consecutive races on four consecutive days each November.  Competitors stay at Club La Santa which is a purpose-built sports resort based on the north side of Lanzarote.  So the answer for whether or not I wanted to take part again was “is the Pope Catholic?!”.

This was to be my fourth experience of running ‘The Challenge’.  It has proved to be a great motivator for me to get fit in the winter months.  Although I try to keep my fitness level quite high throughout the year, this tends to be through doing lots of classes, rather than getting out running.  I’d started to put a few pounds on and this was made worse by the fact that I had a nasty fall off my bike in July, leading me to leave it broken in the corner of my living room.  Trips to the shop in Heath and Reach tended to be by car for that last minute pint of milk, rather than jumping on my bike and heading up Birds Hill.  I had very much lost my confidence and was burning petrol rather than burning fat! read more

What? No Crazy Golf!

By Andy Inchley

“Oh no! What are mum and dad going to do with their afternoons?” This was the immediate thought that crossed the minds of both Amy and I when we discovered that the crazy golf course at Club La Santa (CLS) was being rebuilt while we were there this year.

Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely loads to do, but mini golf (as CLS call it) is an absolute staple of our time in Lanzarote and when legs are weary from racing it’s a great way to pass the time and take in the sun while retaining a level of friendly competition. However, this is true of Mr & Mrs Inchley Senior more than anyone else! read more

Club La Santa 2012

"Eight seconds, can you believe it?". Imagine hearing that in a wee Scottish accent on balmy but breezy Wednesday afternoon in November and you will be able to picture Fiona feeling robbed at Club la Santa! The eight seconds to which she was referring was the overall gap between herself and Dave Adams after four days and thirty miles of running around the roads, volcanoes and beaches of Lanzarote.

Our party of seventeen this year was made up of mostly LBAC representatives but also contained Terry and Dave Stanley from Ampthill and Flitwick Flyers and Julie, Neil and Fay from MK. As ever, the 23rd club trip to Grotty was seen by most as an opportunity to get away from the miserable November weather in the UK and have a couple of shandies in between a plethora of sporting opportunities. read more

Lanzarote 2011

Even as those of us from the delayed Monarch flight were checking at Club La Santa, the senior Inchley's were already playing their first competitive round of crazy golf of the trip. For those that have been before, the Canarian sports resort is something of a home from home that can be settled into immediately. For most La Santa virgins, the challenge is deciding what to do first.

As a club, we have been going for the last week in November since the dawn of time to take part in the International Challenge. The challenge consists of four quite different races over four days which can be taken as seriously as you like. The general attitude is that it is a holiday first and races second. We all want to run as fast as we can on the day, but not to the detriment of the night before! There is also no compulsion to take part in the races, but if you are up to it then you are encouraged.

Once you are there, all of the sports facilities are free to use and you can enter tournaments, take lessons in most sports, join fitness classes both in the gym and outdoors, take a bike around the island or simply sit by the pool and get a tan. It is entirely your choice and all are included in the price. There are approximately 20 sports covered and facilities include a 50m pool, a full size track, 6 court badminton hall, 10 tennis courts and the resort's own lagoon for windsurfing. However, there were a decent number of our crowd that settled into their first day by acclimatising in the bar for a few hours.

This years group consisted mostly of Leighton runners but we had four MKACers, a couple of Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers, a Bearbrook Jogger and two biddies from Richard's old tennis club in Birmingham, all of whom contribute massively to the atmosphere of the trip.

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