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More from the MK Festival of Running

MK Festival of Running – Half Marathon

by Coralie Anderson

So, the morning had arrived of the MK Festival of Running Half Marathon.  I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this race.  Having run it twice before I don’t really recollect enjoying the course on either occasion!  However, the last time I ran it three years ago, I got my PB so that was an incentive enough to tackle the course once again.

The day was certainly not a day to even consider a PB given the weather conditions, it was a horrible cold, wet and windy morning.  As I sat in the kitchen eating my marmite on toast (minus the crusts) and drinking a cuppa I was trying to remind myself why I was doing it when I could have had a Sunday lie in!  My sister had travelled up from south London specially to support me so with that in mind we bundled into the car and headed off to MK. read more

A Sunday of Top Times

By Andy Inchley

Sunday seemed to be the day for it. It was chilly, but not the biting December days we sometimes get, nor was it pouring with rain, which could easily have been the case. Our team of Buzzards spread themselves across three events in the hope of strong performances and fast times. It’s far to say though that I don’t think the results achieved were quite what was expected.

The more low key event of the day saw Simon, Ben, Amy F and Alison testing out the new tarmac around Houghton Regis. The Fun Runners had kindly arranged with the builders and the council that we could have a 5K race on the new bypass before it opened and they invited runners from all the Leighton clubs. It was unfortunate that it clashed with the Winter Half but there was no choice and all four of the LBAC reps running well with Simon and Ben coming home first and second. read more

Perfect PBs in the Puddles

MK Winter Half – 11th December 2016

by Maria Williams and Stuart Read


My worst nightmare occurred the night before when I began to get a sore throat, dosed up with sudafed I went to bed hoping that I would wake up in the morning recovered. “Well?” I hear you ask and the answer is I woke up thinking I’d swallowed a razor blade, my throat was raw. I assembled my kit scoffed my race breakfast of 2 Babybel and a brioche roll then headed out. Outside the cold breeze began to make me gag, I was doubting if I would even make the start line, but Richard told me to do what you can and at least just try. So we arrived with minutes to spare, squeezed into the pen at the 1.40 space, I thought, “should I be here?” read more

Marlow 7 and Half Marathon

Marlow 7 and Half Marathon

Sunday 6th November

Marlow 7

Alex Killick

A beautiful sunny morning if a little chilly. My support crew (David and the kids) enjoyed cake after they saw me off through the town. A nice easy start and not too crowded which then headed up the first of the four hills. This being my first ‘race’ since June and after reading the course description I downgraded my hopeful 1:15 to nearer 1:30. The hills were tough but I only felt the need to walk a little on the last one. The downhills were tough too though – I wasn’t planning on falling! It was a lovely course in the sun but I can imagine a little rain would have made the downhills a little slippy. All in all it was reasonably enjoyable and I surprised myself (and David who nearly missed my finish) by finishing in 1:11:59 and not being caught by any half marathoners! read more

A Weird and Wonderful Half

Oxford Half 2016

by Jo Sharples

The 2016 Vitality Oxford half marathon was to be my first 13.1 this year, having raced nearly every other distance. It is also my second time at this event, but my first time running this course as they’d revised the course last year. My previous experience in 2014 had the race starting in the Kassam Stadium and also included the Iffley Road running track where Sir Roger Bannister ran his famous sub-4min mile. I had loved everything about that race, so this year’s had a lot to live up to. read more

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