MK Festival of Running

From 5k to 20miles, we had at least one runner in every distance, all with different targets and goals in mind. Here is an insight into the day through the minds of Dominic, Stuart, Lynn and Mark.


by Dominic Grimshaw

On Sunday morning I had to wake up really early and I couldn’t watch videos on my phone or TV.  The reason was we had to go to Milton Keynes as there was the MK Festival of Running.  My mum was running the half marathon so she put my name down for the 5k and I thought it was a good idea. read more

From Watford to London

By Elliot Hind I’ve entered the ballot for the London marathon for the past few years and been unsuccessful; it is something I’ve really wanted for longer than I can remember.

I’ve only run one marathon (Brighton 2014 in 3.28) and had made it my 2015 goal to qualify for London on a ‘Good For Age’ time of under 3.05.  I entered the MK Marathon and the Kent Roadrunner marathon and was feeling confident that with training I could get under that time.  Unfortunately, disaster struck in December 2014 as a tackle on the football pitch destroyed my ankle ligaments and put an end to my marathon dream; I was crushed.  I was at a real low for a long time and in all honesty I wasn’t nice to be around. read more

MK Winter Half 2015 (2) – A New Year Mullet

by Adam Haylock

  • Rubbish week training
  • Stayed up all night watching boxing.
  • Got up late
  • Drove to MK in a cold car that was overheating.
  • It was, rainy, muddy, cold, miserable
  • Good 5 miles, running with Tom I in 30.30
  • Legs turned to Jelly, ran the rest at training pace
  • Got outsprinted by a girl
  • Cost me £60
  • I am now retired and going to grow a mullet.


  • IG is on fire
  • Jordan can still run fast with little training
  • Tom is strong
  • Tim is now faster than Adam
  • Sam is set to have a record breaking 2016
  • Katie did well with no training
  • Lynn & Jo did amazing.
  • Richard Inchley was first70 (I think)
  • I had beers in the evening
  • read more

    MK Winter Half 2015 – PBs and Prizes!

    MK Winter Half 2015

    By Sam Dear

    I’d been checking the weather every day before the run, hoping and praying that:

    1. The recent strong winds would have disappeared
    2. It would be dry
    3. It wouldn’t be freezing.

    While the winds had almost entirely completely gone, it most certainly was not dry, but
    conditions were near perfect for me for the half marathon distance. A little chilly before the gun went off, but the misty drizzle (aka mizzle!) always helps keep you cool whilst not getting you completely soaked through.

    I ran this race last year and I remembered that I was stood shivering on the start line whilst they delayed the race to allow people in the toilet queue to join us. Even though the race is chip timed so it doesn’t matter where you start they kept us waiting again for almost 10 minutes before finally letting us get going. read more

    A Dirty Half!

    Dirt Half Challenge

    by Lisa Bowyer

    The day had finally arrived! With some preparation under my belt I felt slightly confident that I could get my aim of under 2 hours. This was my second half marathon and the first was in MK in May with a time of 1 hour 57 mins. So with the weather man saying expect “hellish rain” I was expecting the conditions to be tough!

    Rocking a black sack, I arrived a the start to see all the LBAC lads ready right at the front on the starting line. They all looked keen and ready to race! “Join us here” they said. I didn’t as I thought I would be the slow one in the way at the front of the pack so went a bit further back (big regret!). I should of started with them and gone to the side and used the field to get my pace. I got stuck in clumps of people and it wasn’t until Tesco that I felt like I had cleared out of a pack and got a good pace going. It’s a nice canal run up to the Three Locks with plenty of support along the way. read more

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