Club Officers

President: Gail Duckworth


Gail is our very own president and super star, with a menagerie of international medals and world records!

Club Captain: James Bell


Our intrepid captain, often found running up and down ridiculous hills in far away and mythical lands – like Wales.  When he’s not running, Dr. Bell can be found in his laboratory cackling maniacally as he creates another Frankenstein-esque speed training session monster!

Vice-Captain: Jo Sharples


Jo is our resident James Herriot and securing the health of the animals of Leighton is the only thing that stops her being out exploring or racing round the countryside.

Club Chairman: Andy Inchley

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If you cut Andy in half, you’d find a core of purple and yellow!  Famous for his patented side-to-side head bobbing running style and his dislike of marathons – after approximately 14,276 marathons this picture was the only time anyone has ever seen him smile after….or maybe it was the plate of ribs that put him in a good mood…..

Secretary: Peter Mackrell


The third most famous man from Burnley, behind Jimmy Anderson and Sir Ian McKellan.  A man of few words Pete loves his marathons, spreadsheets, Burnley Football Club and, of course, beer!

Treasurer: Roger Seldon


Roger holds the purse strings for the club and deals with all things financial.  Don’t forget to pay him your membership fees or he’ll be knocking down your door!

Junior Coaching Lead: Nick Clay


Lead coach for the junior section of the club, and master of super sneaky secret training, Nick will usually be found on the cross country course from morning to night herding LBAC athletes to the start line at the right time!


New Members and Beginners Coordinator: Kate Johnson


Queen of the selfie and owner of the biggest smile in the club. Kate volunteers at Aylesbury Parkrun each week as a pacer and has completed several marathons. Also the provider of delicious and much needed post-Cross Country cakes!

Publicity Officer: Sam Dear



Being one of the younger members of the club, Sam or “Sicknote” as he is affectionately known, is down with all the hippity-hoppity social media that the youth of today embrace and spreads the word of LBAC far and wide!  Additionally, Sam is setting the fashion world alight with his innovative and stylish re-invention of the common tie!

Leighton 10 Race Director: Chris Dimmock

Chris is part of the Dimmock dynasty of Leighton and has taken responsibility for the club’s fantastic fund raising road race. Here he is winning the prestigious Christmas handicap and “taking it easy” round our local parkrun.