This is Getting Silly

Tom Inchley's whinging about the Stag reached an all-time high last season when he came second in one of the races; "I've been doing this b****y race for nearly 20 years and I still never won one!".

His mood would not have been improved last night as Katie Haylock romped to her third victory of the season in only her third ever race! Over the course of those three races she has gone from 20:02 to 18:43 and now 17:53 which is an improvement that is just about impossible to match. Yesterday, she crossed the finish line just as Liz Miller and Andy Inchley were entering the park in a battle for second place. the question now is whether Katie can continue on anything like this trajectory?

As it turned out, on the night the minor places went to Andy Inchley in second with Amy Inchley (16.08) and Mark Haynes (17:56) both getting the only other PB's of the race in third and fourth places respectively. There was quite a strong breeze blowing all the runners down Grovebury Road, but that same wind hit them in the face in Grove Road so in general times were not so great.

With five races now completed, the overall field is being narrowed down in terms of who can win the series, with eight possibilities. There are however, twenty-three people who could theoretically make the top three with two strong final runs in March and April. These are highlighted on the latest results.

The three favourites for the overall title are the three who achieved the PB's yesterday. Their continual improvement means they keep beating the handicap, which is the whole point. Katie can still potentially achieve a maximum score of 125, while Amy can still get 122 and Mark Haynes 117. Amy's slight advantage is that she already has 104 in the bag while both Katie and Mark must score well in the final two races as they have both missed two already.

All those things considered however, it will not take much of a slip from these three to let in any of the others with 50 points still to play for. It is important though that everyone else comes along and tries to make it as complicated as possible, so whether you have run them all or none of them please try to make the final races in March and April.

Full results are now available on the website and the next race is on 5th March, with the grand finale due to be the 2nd April.