London Marathon Preview

With just nine days until the most high profile race in the country takes place around the streets of our capital I thought I would take a moment to look at the possibilities around the eight protagonists from LBAC.

Adam Haylock – The major concern that Adam has, is arriving too early for the race. If he is there more than half an hour before the start it is likely that he’ll peak before the gun goes through lack of expensive coffee. This will be Mr Haylock’s second marathon. He doesn’t like to talk about the first one, but if you want the details they inexplicably appeared on the Power of 10 site recently! He is hoping to just duck under that time, by a couple of hours! Much of his training has revolved around studying the location of every Starbucks on the course just to make sure he has enough energy to get the pub afterwards. read more

Sandy 10

by Fiona & Jordan

The Spring Sandy 10 is all about Decisions:

· Shorts or leggings?

· Cap or sunglasses?

· Long sleeves or a vest?

· Gloves or no gloves?

It’s all about the weather, or is it?

Well not quite, it’s also about the course:

To blast up the hill at the start and hope you recover or save a bit and run the risk of losing it?

To let it all out on mile 9 and lose your will to live on the home straight?
If you’re Jordan – to give it your all and catch the ‘X’ that took your third place in the last mile or settle for a club record, (cheeky git. Ed.) or if you’re me to push it in the 4th mile to make sure you beat the lead runner to that loop or settle for the embarrassment of that happening – again! read more

Has Spring Sprung?

There were daffodils aplenty on the traditional Boxing day route for the final club championship race of the year on Easter Monday and a reasonable turn-out of sixteen lithe individuals were on the start line wondering what Dave had predicted their time would be for the 5.7(ish) miles.

This event has been run on this route since before the bypass was constructed, which may answer the question as to why we go that way. Although the start and finish lines have been moved around a little it is basically the same course as it’s always been so times are roughly comparable year to year. read more

Leighton 10K

by Lorraine Holloway-McLean
My first race of the year and I’d agreed to run it with my friend Gill, who had only recently come back to running. A beautiful Sunday morning, bright and early at Vandyke where the friendly bunch of Fun Runners were very well organised in registration, giving out race t-shirts (so I didn’t have to run after all to get one?!) and laying out tons of fabulous cakes.

The weather was mild although cool to start with and felt like perfect conditions for us. The atmosphere was jovial and although there were only very few of LBAC runners there, there was good banter all round. I was even allowed / encouraged to photobomb the LFR team photo! read more

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