Potterspury Cross Country

By Fiona Towell

Fab Run. Loved it.

Felt the usual ‘What am I doing and why I am I here?’ vibes at the start as Mr Wasdell’s horn set us all off to inspect the ditch on our way to the start (on a hill).

I Took my place in the middle of the back half at the side of the field as it’s always a good idea to have other people in front of you as an excuse for slowing you down as you warm up (I don’t generally do that on anything over 1 mile)

It wasn’t too cold and the massive muddy puddle didn’t have too many cow pats in it. Always look for the positives in every X-Country event 😉

MOST people said ‘well done’ when I hared passed them with split second timing at SPEED through the ruts but one bloke decided he was having none of that and promptly chased me back round the field and into the ditch where I teetered and he went to pounce, so I stuck my right arm out wide (to steady myself of course) and as I hauled myself up the bank (still in front of him) I asked if he had noticed my deft right arm manoeuvre to which he replied ‘you were lucky you didn’t go in’. I reminded him it WAS a contact sport (t’was all in the best of humour) and picked up some speed … just in case.

My 3rd mile was a 9:13, my 4th an 8:50 and my last an 8:21. I pulled a sprint finish out of the bag I’d’ve been proud of on a track 100 and overtook another lady putting me (after ALL that effort) a mere one place up on where I was last night and a toatsie (Scottish word) 18 seconds ahead of last year’s time.

I felt I had earned a MUCH better time than that! Am I getting older perhaps … ?

Last year’s main competition (and last night for at least the first two laps anyway) came over at the end still out of breath to see how I was, and I looked up expectantly and said with a twinkle in my eye; “Were you behind me?” to which he replied, “No I got in 3 minutes ago – just warming down.”

Harrummphh! For at least 3 seconds I faltered but NOTHING was dampening my spirits – the terrain was terrific and I had a blast tonight.

LBAC need more runners next year: Tom, Tim and Andy Inchley all performed brilliantly tonight (not in that order of course) Andy gained a place and Tom hasn’t overtaken Tim yet – or did I get my Tims and Toms mixed up there? Elliott lost 5 seconds. Come on Elliot! (OK so he’s still 4th) Jo was also 4th last night so started with a bang but dropped to 12th tonight. Do you need a lesson in overtaking in the ruts Jo? My guess is that you were probably just too nice at the stile?! (No Fi. Jo wasn’t there, she had to do the run in the morning on her own using a map and ran a little further than the course!)

Stu, Chris Norman and Graham have stopped at one, probably citing work or some other paltry  “doesn’t fit in with my marathon prep” excuse. (Much to Andy’s relief I’m sure on the “Competition from Chris” front)

One mile track tomorrow. Bring it on! … It’s only a mile!

It’s a super friendly, well organised event with great camaraderie and good competitive fun whatever your level, and if you weren’t fit at the start of it, you’ll be fitter by the end of the week after your 6th race. That’s my plan anyway J

Join in any time as all runs can be done individually and it’ll give you a taste of the TOMK before you sign up for the lot next year!

And if getting there in time is an issue, just book the week off! (like one lad had done who I spoke to tonight).


andy & gary - stream

Gary is wearing shorts – promise!

fi - potterspury

One of three trips through the stream