Race The Pain – Quick Questions

Race the Pain

You may have heard the words, “Race the Pain” uttered recently around the club. That’s because we’re bringing it back!

It’s nothing to be afraid of and just a regular Monday night speed session, but here is all you need to know. Hope to see you there soon!


Quick Questions

What is it?

A monthly run for one of the Monday night speed sessions

How far is it?

2miles (1.97miles to be precise!) or 3.17km

What is the route?

Start and finish at the end of the old Railway Line/Mentmore Gardens

What’s the name all about?

Running at your absolute fastest and flat out may not be the most comfortable thing you’ve ever done. The idea is to race this feeling and beat it. Don’t be afraid! Embrace it!

What’s the point?

It will improve your speed, improve your stamina and improve your finish and overall will make you faster which is what Monday Speed sessions are all about!

Am I too slow?

No! Any ability and speed can run this. This isn’t a race. It’s just about you and your time.

Will we all run together?

Runners will set off in waves based on their average pace. If you haven’t run this before we can take your Stag time, or your last 5k/parkrun time.

What else will we do?

Meet at Tiddenfoot as usual. Most nights, Race the Pain will include a 2 mile warm up to get to know the course, the 2 mile race itself and then a 2 mile cool down. On occasion the format may change slightly.

And the rest…

Captain Bell set up a table to track people’s times and to give them an idea of how they are doing. He has ranked these based on your age graded percentage. This is your time relative to the world record for your age over 2 miles. This will help you track your improvement, or give you a target to aim for, but if you don’t care about statistics, then just ignore it!

Remember, this still leaves at least 3 other Mondays each month. Don’t let David do them all himself! We would love for more volunteers to lead a session. Do whatever you like! It can be fun, it can be silly, it can be complicated, it can be tough. Relays, Strava segments, pyramids, intervals, hills. Loops, laps, lengths, anything goes. Please do put yourself forward and help poor David out.

The first re-runnning of RtP will be on Monday 13th February 2017