Meet the Buzzards – Fiona Towell

A new, occasional feature to help people from the different training groups and disciplines get to know others from the club and what better place to start than the two Co-Captains?!


This week, introducing co-captain part 1: Fiona Towell!!


Name? Fiona Towell


Age? 49


Where were you born? Glasgow, City of Culture 😉


Tell me something about you:

Sailed a leg of The Millennium RTW Yacht race from Mauritius to Recife in Brazil round the Cape, next to childbirth possibly the toughest 48 hours of my life.

Once the resultant broken foot has healed and the new hip well and truly bedded in I WILL return to running and I WILL get a 5k PB before 2020 is out.

I sell people for a living.


What inspired you to start running?

Being scunnered with my lack of fitness and ease with which I put on weight post baby number 2


Who is your favourite athlete?

Daley Thompson or Brian Jacks (yes he can be classed as an Athlete)


What made you choose LBAC?

As a new runner I sent an e-mail to LFR via their website in 2007 and had no reply. So 2 weeks later I sent one to ‘the other club in town’, LBAC and the then Captain came to visit me at my house and over a glass of wine gave me a training schedule to get me ‘up to speed’ to join my first club run 2 months later. ALWAYS happy to do the same for any potential newcomer.


How long have you been running and when did you join LBAC? 

Been running since then, May 2007.


What is your favourite race distance/field event?

It’s going to be 5 miles


What is your goal for the next 12 months?

To run again. And then a 5k PB. And then a 50 minute 10k


What’s your favourite post-run refuel snack?

Kate’s homemade ‘post XC flapjack’ with oodles of chocolate


Fartlek or Pyramid session?

Definitely Pyramid


Speed or distance?

Speed henceforth


And one for the post Cross Country pub trips…


What’s your favourite drink?

A large glass of house white as long as it’s not sweet medium