Run Bedford 10K

I don’t really know why I entered, I am not a runner, I don’t particularly like running but it is getting harder to just sit back and do nothing when the rest of the Killick household are so active! The parkruns give me a bit of a focus but I can’t make them every week so entering an event gave me something to aim for.

I think if memory serves me right I ran the Balmoral 10K in the 90’s – I haven’t been able to track down my time but I know it was bad as I hadn’t trained due to a knee injury and I was second or third last (a sprint at the end ensured I wasn’t last!). I then ran the Whipsnade Zoo 10K in 2010 in 76:49. That’s my long and varied running history (there have been the odd 5K). For Run Bedford I was aiming for 1:05 and having done a 1:05 in a training run I hoped it would be better of course. read more

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