Marathon Majors

’twas a night before Christmas 2014 when a small group of Leighton Buzzard and Milton Keynes runners were out celebrating the end of a fine year of running. Young Pete Mackrell had run a new marathon PB of 2:40:29 in Cologne in September and followed that up with a fine 2:42:04 in a bitterly cold and windy New York two months later….New York marathon… of the six marathon majors….one beer led to another, and another beer (or three) led Pete to an idea….a wild idea….’what if I could run all six marathon majors in a two year period he questioned?’ ‘Don’t be silly,’ said Gary, ‘you’ll never do that!’ read more

Gold Coast 10k

Having arrived in Australia 2 weeks prior to the race, the Clay’s quickly got a parkrun record under their belts for the longest distance travelled. I had lots of time to cram in hill training for a completely flat race so I felt prepared. So on the 4th July at 5:30 we left the apartment for the Gold coast 10K with the intention of catching the tram. Obviously something had to go wrong and 40 minutes before the start we found out that a car had decided to crash on the tracks. So a 6k warm up to the start was the only option. Luckily the organisers adjusted the race start to 6:45. read more

Thame 10k

By Graham Magill

LBAC embarked on a wet and windy Thame 10K. Some having hopes and dreams of being crowned club champion, some just happy to be out for the morning. Excuses where coming thick and fast from some, weary muscles from parkruns, beer the night before, but worry not, we were there to run and run we did.

Slowly we gathered until we were 15 strong!! 5 Inchley’s (1 photographer), newbies, mums to be and juniors.  As we gathered in our respective starting pens, conversations began of the usual topics, ‘What time are you looking for? Who’s your money on for the club champs? Who shall I follow Tom?’ The hooter went for the start of the race, with the resulting beeps on stravas and Garmins being set. read more

Greensand Ridge Relay 2015

The Greensand Ridge Relay 2015 – crusted ports, old Madeiras and shandy drinkers.

I was standing next to one of LBAC’s more cerebral runners at the start of leg 4, waiting for Warren to appear. Chris Williams and I were having a conversation about murder. It’s true that previously Fiona and Chris had had a disagreement about pick up times for the GSRR, but Fi’s life was safe. No, the murder in question occurred in 1962 at the end of my leg 4 in the layby. Chris mentioned the case of James Hanratty who murdered a scientist and his wife and was subsequently hanged by the state for his crimes. Recently, Chris recalled, Hanratty was shown to be justly convicted of his crimes based on the exhumation of his body for DNA tests. Now, this is all too close for comfort. I’m a scientist and I’m running leg 4 and looking up at the start of leg 4, I was going to be murdered early on if I pushed too hard. DNA evidence might not be needed to show that I had run a bad leg, but I know my peers would scrutinise in a courtly fashion via Strava any cock-ups that may occur. read more

BMAF 5K Nationals

By Gail Duckworth

While the younger members of the Club were competing in the East Anglian League in Luton I was the opposite end of the country in Horwich near Bolton.

The 5K Road National Championship has taken place here for several years mainly because it is incorporated in a weekend of various events including triathlon and cycling and running. The small town closes it roads while the events take place and having a traffic free location is always a bonus. Also, it enables the BMAF to have a Masters only race rather than being incorporated into an event. read more

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