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MK Tour – Day 3: Rest Day!

by Sam Dear

Adam's blog appears to have only lasted 2 days of the 6 as he has asked me to fill in for him for today's. He just doesn't have the stamina!

Day 3 of the tour. My legs were already a little tight after Sunday's 11k in Tattenhoe and of course the 5 mile cross country yesterday did them no good, especially going over on my ankle a little in one of the ploughed fields, so I was a little apprehensive about the mile run at Stantonbury. It was my first run around a track since school and my first run ever on a proper athletics track as well as my first ever mile race. With that in mind I had no idea what to expect…except I knew it would be tough. read more

5 Streams, 4 Stiles & a Pint

By Adam Haylock

Day 2 already and the first evening race of the tour, set in the nice village of Potterspury, north of Milton Keynes.  I arrived in plenty of time at the Stratford Sports & Social Club which was very accommodating in providing use of their facilities.  I had time spare to sit down and listen to the music playing from the side of the entry van and catch up with fellow runners. I bumped into Jordan first who was relaxed as normal but slightly concerned about a sore ankle. read more

Tour of MK 2014 – Day 1

By Adam Haylock

As the summer fades and the nights draw in today saw the start of The Brian Graves 32nd Tour of Milton Keynes.  A six stage run event hosted by Marshall Milton Keynes Athletic Club, I first found out about this last year while talking to Andy who was midway through the 2013 tour and would have entered if he had bothered to tell me so I was up for running this year. The tour consists of 6 consecutive races starting on Sunday and culminating on the Friday with events ranging from a road 10k, cross county and a mile on the track. read more

Kimbolton Half Marathon

Just over the North-East border of Bedfordshire, where it starts heading towards the Cambridgeshire fens is a quaint village called Kimbolton. The village is well known for it's fairly exclusive public school that was once Kimbolton Castle where Katherine of Aragon spent her final years after her divorce from Henry, but yesterday the school played host to the second running of the Kimbolton Half.

With a couple of chaps from the MK training group and Pete Mackrell recommending the event from last year, Andy entered Amy into the race to join Pete as part of their marathon preparations for September & October with the intention that Andy would take Erin to watch. However, a late withdrawal from "Auntie Wendy" Webber and the offer of a replacement babysitter Andy decided to join in too. read more

We’re bigger than Bertha

By Andrew Hallworth 

“Are you running the Bearbrook 10k?” This was the cry I heard when dropping off Glen Turner from the Doug Anderson 5k.  “It’s my Birthday and there will most likely be a BBQ afterwards in the afternoon” was the bait to which a well renowned carnivore like myself could not easily refuse!  With this to look forward to I was signed up straight away by my ever willing race entry co-ordinator Kate Johnson.

Fast forward 11 days through a period of pretty much sunny and warm weather, the forecast was for the tail end of Hurricane Bertha to have an effect on race day.  Imagine my relief when waking up to a dry morning and thinking we might have got away with this and get a dry race, think again Hallworth was the response I got from Kate and Glen when the torrential rain and wind started on the journey to the race. read more

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