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London Marathon 2016! (part 1)

With 10 LBAC runners in the London Marathon 2016 we thought it best to have a quick report from a few different runners to get the overall and differing views from across the field. One thing we can all agree on though is the excellent performances across the board. From those new to running and the club, to PBs and Club records to those who pushed on despite the difficulties, injuries and everything the course threw at them.

And here is Katie Haylock’s, Andy’s, David’s, Jo’s, Kas’ and Lynn’s take on it! read more

Long Haul (Updated)

Last weekend Joe Hurley, Ian Hosley and Stuart Blofeld all went off to compete in riduculous events! Most people these days are familiar with Ironman triathlons, but only a few actually contemplate doing one and then even less set-off from the start line.

Joe Hurley has now done six of these events that consist of a 2.5 mile swim, a 112 mile run and then a marathon just top it all off! His sixth and most recent one was Ian's debut and it took place in the only official UK version of the Ironman series up in Bolton in Lancashire. I did e-mail to ask for a comment from the man himself, but he has so far declined to comment!

Joe was hoping to complete the course somewhere in the region of eleven hours, but his total time of 12:02 is still a crazy amount of time to be exercising and was split into 1:11 in a lake, 6:17 sat on a bike and a 4:17 pounding the roads! Overall it gave him a finish position of 275 out of 983. Ian meanwhile was learning how to approach the event and started with a 1.27 swim before spending nearly 7.30 on a bike! He clearly was feeling fresh in the end though as he completed the marathon leg of this epic effort in 3.43 and was extremely chuffed.

While Joe and Ian were off doing that, Stuart decided that running around a 10K loop for 24 hours was a much better option! He was hoping to complete over 100 miles in that time, which for those of you not too quick on the maths, means 16 10K's on the same course, back to back! With absolutely no knowledge of ultra running and complete incomprehension as to why you would do it, I don't really feel in a position to comment. However, I do offer many congratulations to Stuart on a remarkable race and urge you to read his blog, which gives far more insight than I could ever offer here. Yes, I know it's a get out!

Since writing this originally, Joe has sent across a more detailed report.......

London Results

So, it's all over for another year and the build up starts all over again on the 4th May, when the online entry for 2011 opens, so we have a solitary week of looking back, before we look to next years race.

On what started as a dreary and somewhat damp day in Blackheath, seven LBAC members crossed the finish line of the 30th London Marathon in The Mall around lunchtime. They all finished within 30 minutes of each other, and were pretty much all pleased with their respective results. Form books, training and estimated times all went out of the window as few would have selected the order they came home in. read more

London Marathon Preview

This weekend sees the 30th running of the London Marathon, now sponsored by Virgin. This year we have eight club members taking part, although it does seem that (almost) all of them are somewhat underprepared for beating the streets of London for 26.2 miles on Sunday! Or at least that's what they all keep saying!

Whatever their individual issues, it is our job to wish them all well as they prepare to line up in Blackheath for the 9.45 kick off. Each year the London marathon develop a new "tracking" system for the runners so that you can see how they are getting on as they go over each timing mat every 5K. Here are the instructions for this years effort supported by Adidas. read more

Joe Completes Luton Marathon

Joe Hurley completed yet another marathon on Sunday around the streets of Luton. In breezy conditions Joe completed the course in three hours and thirty six minutes. This is some way outside his best times for the distance, but with various nagging injuries he hasn't managed to get in the long runs he was hoping for over the last couple of months and found the last few miles a real struggle. Nevertheless, it's another one for him to tick off his list and most people would be delighted with the time he achieved. Well done Joe. read more

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